Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Learning Domestic Discipline Social Network

Come join the LDD Social Network!  You can read more about the network on our new website by clicking here


Greg said...

Awesome idea! Will definitely join as soon as I get off work!

Anonymous said...

Just joined.. lifetime :D

Karen said...

Hello Clint and Chelsea. My husband and I just recently found your blog, we love it and it has been very helpful. We are relatively new to DD (about a year now). Thank you so much. I joined the social network, I guess my husband and I will see you on there. Should he created his own account there?
PS. He is the one who posted anon, in the advance level spanking section about not counting strokes.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Karen - Sure, your husband is welcome to the social network. If he wants a free lifetime membership, he better get one quickly. They're almost all gone.

-- Clint

His First Mate said...

I just signed up. My membership is still awaiting approval. However, I have a concern. It appears that our location will be visible? i really prefer a higher level of privacy. Will there be a way to alter these settings?

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@His First Mate - Yes, you can change your privacy settings on your profile at any time. Also, the sign up form does ask for the zip code, however it is not required. Only the country is required. If you'd rather leave that field blank on the sign up form, you'll still be able to request membership. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Your membership is live as of right now, so you can ask me within the network if you'd like. Thanks for signing up!

-- Clint

Christina said...


In light of other comments by some, I felt I wanted to say this.

The social network has been up and running for almost a month. There are lots of interesting posts and discussion topics. The range is varied, from serious topics that inspire reflection, to opportunities to share our personal stories, to support, advise and comfort one another as we travel our individual paths in a marriage with DD. There are even posts that have no other purpose than to make us smile or laugh out loud.

What I really enjoy is the live chat feature. An all group chat on Sunday evening and a virtual pub for the ladies once a week, as well as the impromptu drop in chats that many of us have had.

While this hopefully might have the purpose of inspiring others to join, I really just wanted to say thank you, Clint and Chelsea, for hosting the site and making the chat a possibility!! I really do appreciate it and having talked to both of you in the chat numerous times, find you a delightful, loving couple.

I hope you don't let the negative ones stop you from going forward with your plans for this blog and the network.

His First Mate said...

Well said Christina- I agree. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have gotten so much from the network. I have learned a lot and met some great people.

4.76 a month is very little for all that i get out of it. I look forward to logging in every morning and chatting with people who believe in the same things I do.
I plan to be around the network for a long time!

Charlie1986 said...

id really like to sign up, but I can't afford it, has the first 30 people signed up yet?

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Charlie1986 - Yes, all the free memberships are gone, unfortunately. They were all taken in about two days after posted this blog entry.

-- Clint

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