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June Couples Challenge: Great Qualities

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This exercise challenges couples to find and elaborate on 10 great qualities they find in each other.  You can now find this article on our new website by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

any one out there willing to post some of their lists? I believe i am over thinking things. My husband has wonderful qualities/things he does in our relationship, but I can't find the words to explain. I think maybe reading examples from others will help.

Christina said...

If you're having trouble wording some examples, I would list the qualities you love/admire/respect about your husband and then try to elaborate. If you married him, there must be many reasons. Or approach it as if you were telling him, in a conversation, what you appreciate about him. What kind of man is he, husband, if you have children... father, son, neighbour etc.

Since you asked for some sharing of lists, I'll give you a few about my husband. I'll keep them short so as not to take up all kinds of room on page.

He's consistent. I never have wonder or doubt if he will back up his word. If he says something, he will follow through with it. That can be a good thing or a pain in the butt quality - LOL.

He's a fabulous father who enjoys spending time on a daily basis with each of our children.

Family is very important to him and as well as our family, he will help out his parents, siblings, as well as mine, with the drop of a hat. One of those "give you the shirt off his own back" kind of men.

He's a wonderful listener and easy to talk to. Any of the children or I can go to him with a problem, concern, and even a confession, and he will stop what he's doing and give 100% of his attention to what you are saying.

He works very hard to provide well for our family, often going to work and refusing time off, when he's been sick.

He is loving and shows that on a daily basis to our children and myself.

He is a great kisser and after 22 years of marriage, can still send me to heaven and back down to earth on a stream of fireworks.

Hope that helps you get started. Just think about what you like/love/admire/respect about him and go from there.

Good luck and if you want to, check back in and tell everyone how it went.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Sept. 16: My husband and I are VERY new to DD as opposed to Christina, who is a pro.(BTW, I love your blog, Christina.)But perhaps some things from my list could help. 1)He is a great Dad, which is even more obvious now that he has the final say in rule enforcement.(He wants the kids to be more responsible, and I am a pushover.)2)He is a good provider, and I am proud of the way he excels in his career. 3)He can always make me laugh. 4)He is romantic, because he surprises me by remembering little things like my favorite flowers, or music, or chocolates for when I need a fix. 5)He is always sensitive to my fears, esp. in implementing DD into our marriage. Corporal punishment is a scary concept to me due to issues from my past, and he goes out of his way to show me that I can trust him.6)He is a natural HOH, in that he is very good at looking at the big picture. Even when I don't see the point of a rule he makes, when we implement it , sure enough, an issue in the family improves.7)He has an endless supply of affection there for the taking, that I am learning to accept and draw strength from.
Hope I didn't take up too much space, but I am proud of him, and in turn I want to make him proud of me.
By the way, Clint, I think this is a very good exercise in developing self esteem. Thank you.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anonymous (September 16th 5:46 AM) - I'd like to see some examples myself. I'm glad Christina and another anonymous poster discussed their lists. Hopefully those help you out.

@Christina - Great job! It's always nice to see couples doing these challenges and it's even better when they share them. Thanks for helping out the previous commenter with your example.

@Anonymous (September 17th 6:58 AM) - Wonderful list of qualities in your husband and thank you so much for sharing. I'm glad you took the time to do it (and to share with us) and I agree - an exercise such as this can build self esteem and remind you why you love your spouse so much. That's what it's all about. All the best to you.

-- Clint

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