Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Recap: August 19th - 25th


  Learning Domestic Discipline continues to move onward and upward as we enter the final week of August.  It's hard to believe that summer is winding down and fall is just around the corner.  Well..that's true for those of us in the United States, anyway.  We're looking forward to exciting things here at LDD to wrap up the remainder of 2013!

  Speaking of exciting things, we have a lot to catch you up on if you happened to miss anything this past week.  We have two big announcements to share, too!  Here's a recap of the week that was at Learning Domestic Discipline.


Mailbag Monday: Week 18 - We talk about working with an HoH that has recently lost their motivation to lead, working domestic discipline around a demanding traveling schedule, and whether or not a couple in an FLR would be welcome and/or comfortable coming the the LDD Retreat in this week's trio of Mailbag Monday questions.

Beginning Domestic Discipline: 5 Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them - LDD is nearly two and a half years old now, and in that time we've noticed many common mistakes/challenges that couples relatively new to the lifestyle struggle with.  We address those things and offer ways to work through them in this week's Wednesday post.

Saturday Stories: "You Can't Turn A Teacher Off" - A fellow member of the domestic discipline blogging community shares how domestic discipline became a part of her marriage and how the entire DD dynamic works for her and her husband in LDD's latest Saturday Stories article.

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  • Voting for the LDD Retreat dates ended on Monday, and we have a winner...
  The first ever LDD Retreat will be held in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN in the month of JUNE!!!  Thank you to all who voted for the LDD Retreat dates!  The next step is registration, and we'll have the details on registration in the upcoming weeks.  Keep an eye out for that.

  We encourage those interested in the LDD Retreat to read the retreat information page.  We also ask that you hold off on your questions about registering for the retreat as they will likely be answered when the registration page goes live.  Thank you in advance.
  • On a personal note, this past Wednesday we had our gender ultrasound!  We wanted to wait a few days to announce the gender of our forthcoming baby on the blog to ensure all of our family members heard the news directly from us rather than Twitter or our domestic discipline blog.  We know a lot of you have been patiently (and not-so-patiently) waiting to know the gender, so without further delay...

We're having a baby BOY!!!

  Thank you all so very much for your congratulations and well wishes.  We're so excited to be parents again, and we cannot wait to welcome our second baby boy to this world.  It won't be too much longer now! :) 

  That wraps things up for this unusually long Weekly Recap.  We look forward to next week, and we hope you do as well!  Enjoy your final week of August everyone!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Recap: August 12th - 18th


  We had a really busy week personally, but that didn't slow things down here at Learning Domestic Discipline.  We still managed to keep the blog posting schedule on track with three new entries -- one of which tells you all about our biggest downloadable packet to date!  Let's take a look at what's new at LDD.


Mailbag Monday: Week 17 - We answer questions about working domestic discipline around a demanding work schedule (not to mention kids in the house), whether or not deliberately breaking rules is a good way to challenge an inconsistent HoH, and we talk about how we established the rules for our marriage in this week's round of Mailbag Monday questions.

The LDD Submissive Packet! - The sister packet to the popular HoH Packet has finally arrived!  The brand new Submissive Packet is specifically designed for the submissive partner in a domestic discipline relationship and is chock full information taken from over 30 LDD blog posts.  Get comfortable when reading it because it's over 90 pages long!  The best part?  It's completely free!  Read more about it in the linked blog entry, and/or get your free copy on the LDD Download Site.

Five Things Friday: Powerful Message Edition - We share a very thought-provoking blog post from a fellow domestic discipline blogger, we share a powerful texting while driving documentary video, and we explain why this upcoming Wednesday is a life-changing day in our family in this week's Five Things post.

  • **BIG NEWS!** -- The LDD "Domestic Discipline Boot Camp For Beginners" eBook is now available through!  Get your copy today!
  • The LDD Retreat dates voting ends TOMORROW!  This is your last chance to vote on when you want to go on the retreat, so make your vote(s) count!
  That puts a nice little bow on another week at Learning Domestic Discipline.  We hope enjoy the new download!  We're looking forward to next week, and we hope you are as well.  :)


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Recap: August 5th - 11th

  The train keeps on a-rollin' here at Learning Domestic Discipline.  We have three new posts chock full of content to share with you this week.  If you missed anything, here's a quick recap of the latest round of LDD blog posts.


Mailbag Monday: Week 16 - We offer suggestions on how to lessen the erotic feeling during maintenance spankings, I (Clint) talk about the last thing Chelsea was punished for, and we discuss whether or not a backpack leash is an appropriate punishment for an easily distracted shopper in this week's round of Mailbag Monday questions.

Domestic Discipline While Pregnant - We discuss the very controversial topic of living the domestic discipline lifestyle while pregnant, and we offer our recommendations on how to modify punishments when a couple is expecting a baby.  

Saturday Stories: "We Are Making Our Way...Learning, Happy, and Sometimes a Little Sore" - A past Saturday Stories author returns for a second article to share how the domestic discipline lifestyle has enriched her 30+ year marriage.  She also talks about how she bravely defended the lifestyle in a very unique situation.

  • Voting is still ongoing for the LDD Retreat dates.  When do you want to go?  Only 8 days remain to cast your vote(Voting ends on August 19th, 2013)
  • We're working hard on a brand new downloadable packet, and this one may be the biggest one of them all!  Barring any unforeseen issues, it will be available this coming Wednesday.  Keep an eye out for it. :)
  • Don't forget that this is an interactive website/blog and we want to include you every single week.  You can submit Mailbag Monday questions here, or you can submit a Saturday Stories article to be featured on the blog to  We'd love to hear your story and feature it on the LDD blog!
  We're going full steam ahead into next week, and we hope to have you along for the journey.  Enjoy your upcoming week!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Recap: July 29th - August 4th


  Another week, and another month, is in the books!  July was an exciting month for Learning Domestic Discipline, and we're excited about what August has in store as well.  If you missed anything this past week on the LDD blog, we'll get you all up to speed.  Let's recap the new content from the past seven days.


Mailbag Monday: Week 15 - In this week's Mailbag Monday, we answer questions about getting over a first love and finding a new domestic discipline partner and helping an HoH learn more about the domestic discipline lifestyle.  Chelsea also talks about not finishing med school and whether or not she regrets that decision.

"Spanking" vs. "Hitting" - The Great Debate - Do "spanking" and "hitting" mean the same thing?  I (Clint) break down the definitions of the two words and offer my opinion on the differences between the two.  What do you think?  We'd love to hear your thoughts on the debate, too.

Five Things Friday: The August Kickoff Edition - A very, shall we say, interesting "tantrum" video is making its way around the internet, information about the LDD Retreat, and a big personal announcement are all a part of the latest edition of the Five Things series.

  • A new month brings a new Couples Challenge here at Learning Domestic Discipline. Do you have the courage to do the August Couples Challenge?
  • Just a shade over two weeks remain to vote for the LDD Retreat dates!  Stop by the Retreat Site to cast your vote!
  • All free LDD downloads and all LDD eBooks are available in one convenient spot -- the new Downloads Site!  Come check it out!
  Learning Domestic Discipline has plenty in store for the month of August, and we hope to have you along for the ride.  Onward we go into a brand new month!  Enjoy your upcoming week. :)


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