Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Recap: December 9th - 15th

  It was a rare week for Learning Domestic Discipline.  Why?  Well, instead of three new articles this week, we posted four!  We added a rare Friday post on a Saturday Stories week.  Needless to say there's a lot to get you all caught up on, so let's get to it!

Here's the latest content added to Learning Domestic Discipline:


Mailbag Monday: Week 31 - We talk about de-sexualizing spankings, we give our advice to single people wanting domestic discipline, and we talk about how we manage our time with all the hectic things going on in our lives in this week's round of Mailbag Monday questions.

What the Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Has Taught Me: Part II - Last week Chelsea told you all about the things she has learned from living the domestic discipline lifestyle for so many years.  This week it's my (Clint's) turn to tell you all about what I have learned from practicing domestic discipline.  (HINT: I've learned a LOT.) 
Domestic Discipline Spanking Round Table Discussion - Spanking romance author Corinne Alexander hosted a Spanking Round Table Discussion this past week, and we were honored and thrilled to be a part of it.  We answered six personal questions that cover everything from the greatest challenges for us in domestic discipline to what appeals to us most about the lifestyle.  Get comfy because there's a lot of info in this article!

Saturday Stories: "Still Going Strong After 41 Years" - Our guest writer this week is one with over four decades of experience in the lifestyle.  Four decades!  Wow!  That's incredibly...well...incredible.  He tells us how it all started and how he and his wife have grown together from practicing domestic discipline for so many years.

  • We're working like crazy to get the new eBook released, as well as the new LDD Directory up and running, before the end of the year.  We're not going to rush them though, and the holidays are rapidly approaching, and we have a baby coming soon, so it's taking some time.  We appreciate you all being so patient.  Both projects are close to completion.  Promise.
  Another week in the books!  Without many weeks left in 2013, the year is quickly coming to a close.  It has gone by fast, but we're looking forward to what 2014 has in store.  We hope you'll join us in the journey.  See you next week, friends. :)


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekly Recap: December 2nd - 8th


  There's just a shade over three weeks left in 2013!  What a year it has been.  There's still a lot we want to do before this year comes to a close, but it's closing so quickly!  We're working hard to finish up a couple of projects and it shouldn't be too much longer until their launched.  In the meantime, the LDD blog has been staying on schedule with fresh new content for readers to enjoy.

Let's take a look back at the past seven days here at Learning Domestic Discipline if you happened to miss any of it.

Mailbag Monday: Week 30 - We answer questions about the submissive partner testing rules/boundaries, how our spankings have evolved in our own marriage, and we direct readers to a few articles that help in bringing this lifestyle up to the one you love in this week's edition of Mailbag Monday.

What the Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Has Taught Me - Chelsea outlines and elaborates on eight key things that living the domestic discipline lifestyle has taught her.  Are they similar to what you have learned?  What has domestic discipline taught you?

Five Things Friday: December Kickoff Edition - There's a new box set of domestic discipline romance novels available, there's a new Yahoo group for the CDD'ers, and there's reason to spoil Chelsea with a BIG reward.  Now she's given herself a new challenge, and oohhhh boy is it a tough one.  Read all about these things in the latest edition of Five Things.

  • December's Couples Challenge will get all of us in the holiday spirit.  It's all about giving to the less fortunate.  Are you taking the challenge this holiday season?
  • We're almost finished editing and formatting the new eBook!  It won't be too much longer now...
  That puts a nice little bow on another week at LDD.  We'll see you tomorrow with three more Mailbag Monday questions!  Enjoy your upcoming week. :)

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Recap: November 25th - December 1st


It was a short week for Learning Domestic Discipline this week. We took majority of the week off to spend time with family, eat lots of turkey, get some Christmas shopping done, and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. But, that didn't stop us from answering a few great Mailbag Monday questions or reflecting on a few of the many things that we are thankful for this holiday season. Take a look below at what you may have missed this week.


Mailbag Monday Week 29We kicked off the week, like usual, with Mailbag Monday where we answered three reader-submitted questions about a pretty wide mix of domestic discipline topics. Among this weeks questions were how to handle domestic discipline when one party is injured or ill, how to build up your partners self esteem and we discussed pain tolerances and the ever popular question of "how much should a spanking hurt?". 

Happy Thanksgiving 2013With it being a holiday week, we figured that was a great time to take a break from the usual domestic discipline related Wednesday posts and get a little more personal than we usually do. With it being Thanksgiving, we listed several things that we are each thankful for this week. Some of the things may sound cliche and obvious (family, our health, etc.) and then others are a little bit more off the wall (like the world famous Krispy Kreme donuts that we somehow can't live without). We also made sure to thank you- the readers of Learning Domestic Discipline because we are so grateful and appreciative of your support. Once again, thank you! 

We skipped the Saturday Story feature this week, due to the holiday, however stay tuned for a brand new Saturday Story coming in two weeks! 

  • Today is December 1st (wow how fast this year has gone!) which means it's the first day of Ana's Advent Calendar. If you want more information, or would like to play along, click here for all the details. There are some awesome prizes this year (including some from Learning Domestic Discipline, a variety of eBooks from different domestic discipline fiction authors, and even an Amazon Kindle up for grabs!) so if you're interested in playing be sure to sign up today. 
  • The December edition of the Learning Domestic Discipline newsletter will be sent out this Friday (December 6th). If you haven't signed up already, and would like to receive your copy, please click here. As a reminder, you only receive one email per month from us (the newsletter) and your email address is not used for any other purpose. 
  • We'll be back on a normal posting schedule this upcoming week starting with Mailbag Monday tomorrow morning. We're also currently running about two weeks behind on emails. So, if you emailed us in the past couple of weeks we are hoping to get caught up this week- we apologize for the delay!
Have a wonderful week, everyone!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Recap November 18th - 24th


A brand new eBook is on the horizon, and Chelsea earned her "One Year No Spanking Challenge" reward!  Those are just two exciting things we talked about this week, and that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all the new content posted to Learning Domestic Discipline over the past seven days.  If you've missed anything, we'll get you all up to speed.

Here's the latest content added to LDD this past week.


Mailbag Monday: Week 28 - Where can one find a "submissive" woman?  Do spankings always have to be bare bottomed?  How can more respect be given (and earned) in an established 19-year marriage that's just starting to incorporate domestic discipline into it?  We answer these three very good questions in this week's round of Mailbag Monday questions.

Beginning a Domestic Discipline Blog - In this post, we offer tips on how to start and maintain your very own domestic discipline blog.  We hope the things we've learned in our two and a half years of blogging will help aspiring writers/bloggers to maximize their readership and minimize their frustrations.  We'd love to see you a part of the DD blogging community.  Come join us!

Five Things Friday: The Thanksgiving Edition - We announce a new eBook nearing completion, Chelsea reaches her "One Year No Spanking Challenge" mark (and earns a HUGE reward), and we share a very thought-provoking video that everyone should watch in this week's Five Things post.

  • December's LDD Newsletter will be sent out on December 6th, 2013.  It's the last one of the year!  If you'd like to join the free mailing list, you can do so by entering your email address here. (Email address is not used for any other purpose)
  • You'll be seeing a lot of new things happening with Learning Domestic Discipline over the next couple of months.  We've got a lot of projects nearing completion and we can't wait to get them up and running!  Keep an eye out for new downloads, eBooks, podcasts, and LDD entities being launched this winter.  :)
That'll do it for another week here at Learning Domestic Discipline!  We hope you enjoy(ed) all of the new content.  We have more in store for you during Thanksgiving week, so stop on by again soon!  See you next time...


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekly Recap: November 11th - 17th


  We celebrated two holidays this week!  One was international, the other was a fun one amongst us domestic discipline bloggers.  We celebrated the presence of our silent readers on Tuesday, and we hope you took the opportunity to let us know you're there!  It's always a fun day around blogland, and we sure enjoyed interacting with some of our "silent type" readers.

If you missed anything, let's get you all up to speed with the latest content on the LDD blog.


  This past Monday was the holiday of Veterans Day.  In observance of Veterans Day, there was no Mailbag Monday post written this week.  We'd like to take this opportunity to once again express our appreciation of all of the hard work and sacrifice put in by the  men and women of the military.  Without the men and women of the military, both past and present, we would not have the freedoms that we enjoy today. Thank you all so much for your service.

Love Our Lurkers Day (LOL Day) 2013 - This week featured a rare Tuesday post to celebrate YOU, the LDD readers!  More specifically, the silent readers.  We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to make your presence known!  Stop by the Love Our Lurkers post and leave us a comment (or an email, if you prefer).  It's always a pleasant surprise hearing from our silent readers. :)

Domestic Discipline Without A Committed Relationship - We offer our thoughts and opinions on living the domestic discipline lifestyle without a romantic connection between the two individuals involved.  How do you feel about this type of situation?

Saturday Stories: "Six Months In, Jack and Meredith Are Doing Well" - A past Saturday Stories writer returns (for a third time!) to share the progress that her and her husband have experienced in the domestic discipline lifestyle.  From the sound of it, things are going well!  Catch up with Meredith in her latest Saturday Stories article.

  • The latest entity of Learning Domestic Discipline is just a couple of weeks from launching!  We've been working hard on it, and we can't wait for it to go live on the website.  We're doing everything we can to launch it before December 1st, so keep an eye out for the latest addition to the site - the LDD Directory!
  • It's about time for a new LDD eBook, don't you think?  Details coming soon...  :)
  This concludes another week at Learning Domestic Discipline.  Thank you all, once again, for taking the time out of your lives to pay our little website a visit every now and again.  We appreciate both our vocal and silent readers so very much.  Onward we go into next week!  See you there, friends. :)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekly Recap: November 4th - 10th


  A new spanking podcast headlines this week's recap of the latest Learning Domestic Discipline content.  Not only do we have a new spanking podcast available for readers/listeners, but we also shared a lot of personal information/experiences in the Mailbag Monday and Five Things Friday posts.  It was a fun week!

If you happened to miss anything, here's an overview of the latest LDD happenings.


Mailbag Monday: Week 27 - We get personal this week!  We answered three questions that asked if a punishment has ever gone wrong for us (and how we handled it if it did), whether or not I (Clint) have been turned on when spanking my wife, and what some of our favorite things to watch on TV are.  You'll learn a lot about us in this latest edition of Mailbag Monday.

Introducing the Structured Spankings Podcast - A new podcast is available and it has already been a very popular one!  In our 6th podcast, Chels and I discuss beginner, intermediate, and advanced level spankings as well as the importance of warm up spankings.  It's an interesting and important podcast, and like always, it's completely free to download.  You can download the new podcast right here.  Enjoy!

Five Things Friday: The November Kickoff Edition - In this week's Five Things Friday post Chelsea talks about a controversial new book that supports domestic discipline concepts, she shares our incredible recent concert experience, and she shares one of the most thought-provoking articles we've read in quite some time.  Trust me, you don't want to miss that article.

  • Our newsletter software had a little glitch this month.  Some individuals on the mailing list did not receive November's newsletter.  We've corrected the issue and we believe we've gotten the November newsletter out to everyone, however if you did not receive your copy, please contact us and we'll send it to you as quickly as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • As Chels touched on in her Five Things post, we're inviting readers to stop by the LDD blog for a rare Tuesday post to celebrate LOL Day 2013 with us!  What is LOL Day?  Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts, the creator of LOL Day, explains it so much better than we can.
That'll do it for another week here at LDD!  Thank you so much for reading.  We have a lot of new content scheduled over the next several days, so make sure to visit often throughout the upcoming week to see what's new!  We'll see you then. :)


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Recap: October 28th - November 3rd


  Happy Halloween!  Alright so it's a little late for that, but we still hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful (and safe) Halloween.  We wrapped up the final week of October with three more articles for your reading enjoyment.  Did you miss anything?  If so, we'll get you all up to speed in this week's Weekly Recap.

Here's an overview of the latest content added to Learning Domestic Discipline.


Mailbag Monday: Week 26 - We answer questions about working domestic discipline around house guests, implementing domestic discipline into a long-term long distance relationship, and we talked about the point at which we both became pro-DD after being anti-DD when first learning about the lifestyle in another round of terrific Mailbag Monday questions.

Domestic Discipline Without Spanking - So many focus on the spanking aspect of the domestic discipline lifestyle, but couples can still live this way without including spanking in what they do.  Chelsea covers how couples can go about doing so and a lot more in her most recent article.

Saturday Stories: "Spanking Is Not Always The Answer" - I (Clint) take the liberty of writing our own personal Saturday Story this week.  I tell you all about a recent issue that came up in our marriage and how we worked through it without using spanking as punishment.  The effectiveness of the punishment I chose may surprise you.

  • The calendar has turned to November and this month's challenge is an important one that will really get you thinking.  Are you up for it?
  • The monthly LDD Newsletter was sent out on November 1st.  If you did not receive this month's newsletter and would like one, please contact us and we'd be happy to send you a free copy.
Only a few more weeks of 2013 remain!  This year is winding down and we have a lot of great content forthcoming before it officially comes to a close.  We have three more posts for you this upcoming week and we'd love for you to stop on by to see what's new.  We'll see you then!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Recap: October 21st - 27th


Our Mailbag Monday column returned this week after a one week hiatus to observe Columbus Day (a United States holiday).  We also wrapped up Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a post that challenges you to ask (and answer) 13 questions about how the domestic discipline dynamic operates in your relationship.  Did you miss anything this week?  Don't worry -- we'll get you all up to speed.

Here are the three latest posts if you happened to miss any of them.


Mailbag Monday: Week 25 - We offer our opinions on when we feel new punishment options should be introduced in a DD relationship, how frequently maintenance spankings should be conducted, and when to "try out" new implements in this week's round of reader submitted Mailbag Monday questions.

13 Domestic Discipline vs. Domestic Violence Questions - Chelsea gives you 13 questions to ask yourself about your domestic discipline relationship.  Do any of them apply to the way things operate between you and your partner?  Does your DD dynamic resemble a domestic violence situation?  These questions will help clarify things and hopefully illustrate just how different DD and DV truly are from one another.

Five Things Friday: The Halloween Edition - We talk about our trip to the annual North Carolina State Fair, we share what costume our 2-year old son is going to wear on Halloween, and we share a great website that covers all your Halloween needs in this week's Five Things post.  Happy Halloween!

  • The November LDD Newsletter will be sent out on November 1st, 2013.  You can join the free mailing list right here. (Your email address is not used for any other purpose)
That wraps up another week, and basically another month, at Learning Domestic Discipline!  We hope everyone has a very safe and very happy Halloween!  Onward we go into November.  Come along, won't you?


Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Recap: October 14th - 20th


Thanks to a holiday, the past week featured just two new LDD posts.  There was no Mailbag Monday this week, but we have a wonderful article from a guest writer to share with you.  We also have a new punishment option for domestic discipline couples to consider.

Let's recap the week that was here at Learning Domestic Discipline.


Monday was the United States holiday of Columbus Day.  In observance of Columbus Day, we did not post a Mailbag Monday article this week.  Mailbag Monday will return as scheduled this upcoming week.

Additional Domestic Discipline Punishments: Written Reports/Essays - We've covered a lot of punishments on LDD, but one we've overlooked is written reports/essays.  This post tells you all about them, and gives an example to show what context this punishment would be used in.

Saturday Stories: "I'm a DD Wife, Not a Doormat" - Our guest writer shares a story that shows how domestic discipline is meant to be lived.  She isn't treated like a doormat, she makes it clear she is protected and loved - the way it should be.

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  • If you're signed up and confirmed to go on the Learning Domestic Discipline Retreat the first chat session will be held this coming Wednesday, October 23rd! Check your email this week for more information. If you haven't signed up for the LDD Retreat and are interested in going, you can add your name to our wait list, or find out more information, by clicking here.
Onward we go into next week!  Thanks for your continued readership and support.  Until next time...


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Recap: October 7th - 13th


It was a great week at Learning Domestic Discipline.  We do our best to help others learn about the domestic discipline lifestyle each week, but this week it was us that was doing the learning.  We interviewed a wonderful couple that incorporates the Female-Led (or Wife-Led) domestic discipline dynamic into their marriage, and we found it to be very interesting and insightful.  We hope you do as well.

Of course, we also answered three more of your Mailbag Monday questions, and Chelsea shared some really helpful sites/articles in her Five Things post.  If you missed any of it, here's a recap of the week that was at LDD.


Mailbag Monday: Week 24 - How would we react if one of us didn't want to practice domestic discipline anymore?  How do you handle a partner that acts out on purpose?  We answer these questions and more in this week's Mailbag Monday post.

An Interview With a Couple in a Female-Led Domestic Discipline Relationship - Kathy and Gary, a couple in a Wife-Led Marriage, open up to us in a candid interview about their unique domestic discipline dynamic.  We learned a lot from them, and we think you will as well.  Many thanks go out to Kathy and Gary for being so gracious.

Five Things Friday: Fall Changes Edition - Chelsea shares an article that helps submissive partners with obedience, we welcome a new blogger to the domestic discipline community, and we're working on a project that we need your help with.  Do you think you can help us out?

  • As we mentioned in last week's 5 Things post, if you're a couple in an "alternative domestic discipline relationship" (such as The Spencer Plan dynamic, the Christian Domestic Discipline dynamic, and more) or if there's something unique about the way you practice domestic discipline, we'd love for you to reach out to us and help us out with an upcoming project. Click here to contact us. 
  • We'll be doing another FAQ podcast next month. If you have questions you'd like to see featured, now's your chance to submit them! You can submit your questions by clicking here.
That wraps up another week!  We hope you'll continue to be with us next week and beyond.  See you then!

© 2013 Learning Domestic Discipline


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekly Recap: September 30th - October 6th


What a week it has been here at Learning Domestic Discipline.  We kicked off October with a brand new podcast!  It's a fun one too, as we answer a number of questions from LDD readers.  We really enjoyed recording this one.  In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we'll be doing more podcasts just like it!  You can find the link to submit your podcast questions at the bottom of this article.  We're looking forward to it!
A new podcast wasn't the only new content this week.  Check out the three new posts added to LDD for your reading pleasure this week.


Mailbag Monday: Week 23 - We answer questions about apprehensive HoHs when it comes to spanking, handling and preventing bruising from spanking, and what's forthcoming for Learning Domestic Discipline in this week's Mailbag Monday post.

FAQs Podcast #1 - On the latest LDD podcast we answer several questions we regularly get asked, as well as several questions from LDD readers!  It's the first of what we hope to be several interactive podcasts, and like the other LDD podcasts, it's completely free to download.  Stop on by the downloads site and give it a listen!

Saturday Stories: "Comparing Domestic Violence and Domestic Discipline" - This week's Saturday Story is a unique and powerful one.  It was submitted by a woman who is not currently in a domestic discipline relationship, and she explains how she came to respect those of us that practice domestic discipline after initially jumping to a very negative conclusion about it.  It's quite the story. 

  • The calendar has moved to October, and we think you're really going to like October's Couples Challenge. :)
  • We're taking questions for the next FAQs podcast, so if you'd like to submit a question for us to answer on the next recording, you can submit them here.
  • Don't forget you can submit Mailbag Monday questions too, and we'd also love to feature your story in our Saturday Stories column.
Onward and upward to next week!  We'll see you next time...


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Recap: September 23rd - 29th


  It was another nice week here at Learning Domestic Discipline.  We're thrilled to be offering a brand new downloadable packet!  The new packet is a precursor to the upcoming podcast, which we actually need a little help from you with.  Would you be so kind as to help us out?  Read on to learn how to do so...

Here is a recap of the latest ongoings at LDD:


Mailbag Monday: Week 22 - Chels and I discuss what we feel is the most important thing in domestic discipline, how to go about starting the lifestyle, and how to work with an HoH that just doesn't seem to "get it" in this week's round of Mailbag Monday questions.

The Downloadable FAQs Packet - We've got a brand new packet to share with you all!  This packet includes 10 of the most popular questions we get asked, and like the other LDD downloads, it's completely free.  We also need your help with our next podcast, so please read this post to learn how you can give us a hand. :)

Five Things Friday: The "Challenging Week" Edition - It wasn't the best of weeks for us personally, and we tell you all about it in the latest Five Things post.  Chelsea also shares a story that is guaranteed to touch your heart.

  • The wait list for the LDD Retreat opens for LDD Forum members TODAY at 12:00pm EST (noon).  If you're a member of the forums and you'd like your name on the wait list, please fill out the form on the LDD Retreat Registration page.
  • The October LDD Newsletter will be sent out on October 4th, 2013.  To join the free mailing list, please enter your email address here. (Your email address is not used for any other purpose)
That does it for this week!  Thanks so much for reading, and we'll see you next week!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Recap: September 16th - 22nd


We're entering the fall season in the United States and it's crazy to think that this year only has about three months left to go.  It seems the more we keep ourselves busy with things, the faster the months/years pass by.  It has been a great year so far for Learning Domestic Discipline, and we have some exciting stuff in the works to wrap up the final quarter of 2013.  Never a dull moment! :)

We've posted another set of articles this past week to feed your domestic discipline appetite.  If you missed anything, let's get you all caught up with the latest LDD happenings.


Mailbag Monday: Week 21 - We discuss the craziest reactions we've gotten when telling others we practice domestic discipline, we share a personal public punishment situation, and we offer our thoughts on using face slapping as a punishment in this week's round of Mailbag Monday questions.

Stress Relief Spankings - We've covered many types of spankings on the LDD blog, however stress relief spankings hadn't been elaborated on until this week.  In this article, we explain what stress relief spankings are and how they work for us.  Would they work for your relationship as well?

Saturday Stories: "Our Experience With Domestic Discipline Boot Camp" - Guest writer Priya shares how the boot camp experience enhanced her marriage, and how it helped her and her husband take then next steps in consistency and commitment with living the domestic discipline lifestyle.

  • The October LDD Newsletter will be sent out on October 4th, 2013.  To join the free mailing list, click here. (Your email is not used for any other purpose)
  • The nine (9) spots for the LDD Retreat have been claimed.  However, there's always a chance that a spot may open up in the event one couple cannot go, so we encourage those of you still interested in attending the LDD Retreat to sign up on the wait list.  We're still in the LDD Network priority registration phase, however LDD Forum members will be allowed to add their names to the wait list on September 29th, 2013.  Please remember that you must be a member of either the LDD Network (for a minimum of 30 days) or the LDD Forums to sign up.  For more information on the LDD Network, click here.  The LDD Forums are free to register.
That wraps up another week at Learning Domestic Discipline!  See you next week!


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