Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Recap: November 25th - December 1st


It was a short week for Learning Domestic Discipline this week. We took majority of the week off to spend time with family, eat lots of turkey, get some Christmas shopping done, and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. But, that didn't stop us from answering a few great Mailbag Monday questions or reflecting on a few of the many things that we are thankful for this holiday season. Take a look below at what you may have missed this week.


Mailbag Monday Week 29We kicked off the week, like usual, with Mailbag Monday where we answered three reader-submitted questions about a pretty wide mix of domestic discipline topics. Among this weeks questions were how to handle domestic discipline when one party is injured or ill, how to build up your partners self esteem and we discussed pain tolerances and the ever popular question of "how much should a spanking hurt?". 

Happy Thanksgiving 2013With it being a holiday week, we figured that was a great time to take a break from the usual domestic discipline related Wednesday posts and get a little more personal than we usually do. With it being Thanksgiving, we listed several things that we are each thankful for this week. Some of the things may sound cliche and obvious (family, our health, etc.) and then others are a little bit more off the wall (like the world famous Krispy Kreme donuts that we somehow can't live without). We also made sure to thank you- the readers of Learning Domestic Discipline because we are so grateful and appreciative of your support. Once again, thank you! 

We skipped the Saturday Story feature this week, due to the holiday, however stay tuned for a brand new Saturday Story coming in two weeks! 

  • Today is December 1st (wow how fast this year has gone!) which means it's the first day of Ana's Advent Calendar. If you want more information, or would like to play along, click here for all the details. There are some awesome prizes this year (including some from Learning Domestic Discipline, a variety of eBooks from different domestic discipline fiction authors, and even an Amazon Kindle up for grabs!) so if you're interested in playing be sure to sign up today. 
  • The December edition of the Learning Domestic Discipline newsletter will be sent out this Friday (December 6th). If you haven't signed up already, and would like to receive your copy, please click here. As a reminder, you only receive one email per month from us (the newsletter) and your email address is not used for any other purpose. 
  • We'll be back on a normal posting schedule this upcoming week starting with Mailbag Monday tomorrow morning. We're also currently running about two weeks behind on emails. So, if you emailed us in the past couple of weeks we are hoping to get caught up this week- we apologize for the delay!
Have a wonderful week, everyone!


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