Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Recap: October 21st - 27th


Our Mailbag Monday column returned this week after a one week hiatus to observe Columbus Day (a United States holiday).  We also wrapped up Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a post that challenges you to ask (and answer) 13 questions about how the domestic discipline dynamic operates in your relationship.  Did you miss anything this week?  Don't worry -- we'll get you all up to speed.

Here are the three latest posts if you happened to miss any of them.


Mailbag Monday: Week 25 - We offer our opinions on when we feel new punishment options should be introduced in a DD relationship, how frequently maintenance spankings should be conducted, and when to "try out" new implements in this week's round of reader submitted Mailbag Monday questions.

13 Domestic Discipline vs. Domestic Violence Questions - Chelsea gives you 13 questions to ask yourself about your domestic discipline relationship.  Do any of them apply to the way things operate between you and your partner?  Does your DD dynamic resemble a domestic violence situation?  These questions will help clarify things and hopefully illustrate just how different DD and DV truly are from one another.

Five Things Friday: The Halloween Edition - We talk about our trip to the annual North Carolina State Fair, we share what costume our 2-year old son is going to wear on Halloween, and we share a great website that covers all your Halloween needs in this week's Five Things post.  Happy Halloween!

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That wraps up another week, and basically another month, at Learning Domestic Discipline!  We hope everyone has a very safe and very happy Halloween!  Onward we go into November.  Come along, won't you?


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