Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Recap: October 28th - November 3rd


  Happy Halloween!  Alright so it's a little late for that, but we still hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful (and safe) Halloween.  We wrapped up the final week of October with three more articles for your reading enjoyment.  Did you miss anything?  If so, we'll get you all up to speed in this week's Weekly Recap.

Here's an overview of the latest content added to Learning Domestic Discipline.


Mailbag Monday: Week 26 - We answer questions about working domestic discipline around house guests, implementing domestic discipline into a long-term long distance relationship, and we talked about the point at which we both became pro-DD after being anti-DD when first learning about the lifestyle in another round of terrific Mailbag Monday questions.

Domestic Discipline Without Spanking - So many focus on the spanking aspect of the domestic discipline lifestyle, but couples can still live this way without including spanking in what they do.  Chelsea covers how couples can go about doing so and a lot more in her most recent article.

Saturday Stories: "Spanking Is Not Always The Answer" - I (Clint) take the liberty of writing our own personal Saturday Story this week.  I tell you all about a recent issue that came up in our marriage and how we worked through it without using spanking as punishment.  The effectiveness of the punishment I chose may surprise you.

  • The calendar has turned to November and this month's challenge is an important one that will really get you thinking.  Are you up for it?
  • The monthly LDD Newsletter was sent out on November 1st.  If you did not receive this month's newsletter and would like one, please contact us and we'd be happy to send you a free copy.
Only a few more weeks of 2013 remain!  This year is winding down and we have a lot of great content forthcoming before it officially comes to a close.  We have three more posts for you this upcoming week and we'd love for you to stop on by to see what's new.  We'll see you then!


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