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Happy Birthday Learning Domestic Discipline!

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  We celebrate Learning Domestic Discipline's first year by discussing a few LDD milestones.  You can read this article on our new website by clicking here.


Grace & Shane said...


I absolutely love your blog and have from the moment I found it. It is very refreshing to see a blog that accurately describes domestic discipline without all the BDSM, sex, erotica and more plastered in between the occasional DD post. My husband and I have been practicing DD/TTWD for 6 years, but your blog has enhanced how he handles things like lecturing and unfortunately for me (but not our marriage!!) he has also found your alternative punishments very helpful.

Happy 1st bday LDD. I hope this blog stays around for awhile. I read a LOT of blogs every week, but this is always my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Clint happy birthday to the DD blog. We read your blog weekly and find it to be an enormous help in our marriage. We learned about DD strictly thru your blog and since implementing it into our lives we have argued less and had much more ease in how we handle conflict.
My wife and I enjoy your post and find that things we struggle wih are often posted briefly afterwards so it's amazing for us to have a virtual therapist! Thank you for introducing us to this side of life. Each couple can out their own twist on what works for them but for us we follow your guidlines and it's great. Thank you!

Razo said...

This is the best blog out there. Great work Clint. Without it, I can honestly say my marriage would not be where its at today. My wife and I greatly enjoy reading and your suggestions are always excellent. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. It has paid off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clint,

Husband and I have been practicing DD/TTWD for about a year now. I still feel like we don't know a lot about what we're doing. I only stumbled across your blog in the last few weeks and asked Husband to read your posts, too. We can learn so much from your blog and I'm happy to keep reading!

Happy blogiversary!


Ethan said...

Your blog rocks. It has brought so many people to this awesome lifestyle in an appropriate, safe, and well written manner. Props to you Clint!

Clints Fan said...


Harold and Heather from UK

Clint's Even Bigger Fan said...

Love the blog! Bought the book and it generated a lot of conversation between us and we're considering giving DD a try!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I both have found your blog very beneficial. It has helped us find solutions to many of the problems that we have come across in our first year of DD. We also purchased and read the boot camp book and have plans to give boot camp a try when we have a weekend without the kids.

Clint's Super Duper Fan said...

Awesome stats for a year! Happy Blogaversary!

Lily said...

My husband and I bought your boot camp book, tried it and have read your blog a lot in the last year. You have given us some real advice we hadn't been able to find elsewhere!!! We've been looking for a site like yours for several years and we are so happy to have yours now!!! Thank you for being so bold to put yourself and your knowledge out there!!!
Happy Blogaversary!

redhiney said...

Dear Clint,

My boyfriend and I of three years are brand new to DD and have used your site as our reference point. for the last 2 weeks we have come to your blog almost daily for advice or questions we have. Not only are your blogs helpful but the comments below have been a huge help as well. Your blog is what got me to ask my bf to practice dd with me. DD is something I have been wanting for years but have always been to nervous/scared/embarrassed to ask for. So one day I just sent him a link to the "how to get your husband on board" article and left it at that. To my surprise he was OK with it and started reading more and more about it! He didn't made me feel comfortable with my decision and we immediately got started setting ground rules and parameters for discipline. We have also started doing your couples challenges and I am very happy with the results. DD has turned our relationship from a failing one to a successful one overnight it feels. I am so blessed to have run across your blog.

thanks again

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Clint!

I have learned about myself through reading your blog and have discussed some of the articles you've posted with my husband. We have grown as a couple and in DD through these discussions. And although my behind is a little more sore a little more often because of your blog (no wait--it's because of my behavior!) we are much happier together and much more respectful of each other.

j (an infrequent commenter but a frequent reader!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just requested membership to LDD... I absolutely love this site and am very appreciative of the clean information that it provides. In my opinion it helps clear up some of the stigma behind practicing DD by providing information in a more accurate,friendly way even to those who are just curious about DD. It is hard to find good, clean information...but you have certainly done it! Thank you for all that you do!


Keith R said...

I used to read a lot of DD blogs, but now I just read this one and your wife's. The style of writing you provide is straight to the point, clear, concise, and extremely helpful for beginners and experienced couples alike. Great work. Without this blog, my wife and I wouldn't have a clue what we're doing with domestic discipline.



Learning Domestic Discipline said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. The support is overwhelming, and I can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you all so very very much.

You all have been entered into the free lifetime network memebership giveaway! I'm looking forward to announcing the winner next month!

-- Clint

Owen said...

Absolutely love your blog. Thank you for providing excellent advice in a clean, safe place.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I also love your blog. For us, it has been the difference between dd and EFFECTIVE dd. It would be dishonest of me to say that I have never thought anything negative about your blog "in the heat of the moment", but I can't thank you, your wife and everyone else involved enough for the enormous improvements we've seen in our marriage. Really, it took us from dd being conceptual to it being a truly rewarding and marriage saving device since it has been consistently implemented. My husband really appreciates the specificity and explanatory aspects of your writing. I appreciate knowing what to expect and the incredible transformation we have seen in our relationship. Once again, thank you. And I am so happy that so many others have benefitted as well. You are just what the community needed/needs.

The Propagoose

Red Hen said...

My husband and I have found your blog to be incredibly useful over the past year. We originally heard of domestic discipline through another blog, but were unsure of it. But your blog presented it in a very different (but good) light and convinced us to give it a try. It has changed our marriage and we owe that to you and your wife. We thank you for giving a clean and safe place for those who gennuinely want to know more to go to.

Jaie said...

Squee, birthdays are always so fun. I celebrate mine about 364 days in a year, and leave my actual birthday for rest.

For Corey and I, the blog has helped explain things that I couldn't explain myself. It was difficult, my first step in opening up with our relationship, and although we are young, I knew what I wanted/needed, and it was this. Not only that, but because I am such a control freak, this blog took away any advantage of me attempting to control the lifestyle as well. The turnaround in our relationship has been amazing - This was a level of intamacy I could only hope to acheive, and Corey broke down my walls and together have formed the wonderful relationship we have. The network has unrequitedly let me lean on them for support, as well as questions, vents, and just overall fun. Even though we've had to leave for a little bit to save our pennies, I can rightly say that we both miss the friendships we've made. Corey has also found great support, and without this blog or the network, I'm not sure Corey and I would still be together, as I'd still be huddled in my comfort zone, afraid of the knocks on the door. But now the walls are knocked down, and its no longer just a comfort zone, but a comfortable world. Thank you for everything you've shared, Clint. Thank you for helping us start out.

Corey and Jaie

Anguisette said...

Thank you for your blog! My husband and I have recently started the journey with Domestic Discipline. Your book and blog have given us many helpful tools to begin this journey. So far the last few months have opened up our communication and re-awakened our love and compassion for one another. We've had many ups and downs in the past few years of our marriage, and I'm hoping that this change will keep us on the right track.

Anonymous said...

I think we may be the oldest couple here practicing or learning to practice the Domestic Discipline. I have to say that we will be staying on this site and following the information that you put out as it is very informative and instructional for us, unlike most sites that are calling what they do as Domestic Discipline that really is not what my meaning of it is. (I was trying to be nice with what I said about the other sites as I wrote that LOL). My partner and I are new to this, however we are not youngsters, we are ageing gracefully is the way I guess I should put it. We found each other a little while back on a game we both played on the internet. We never meant for it to happen but as we talked and he opened me up and broke down some of my barrier walls (he is very good at that) we were able to gain a profound trust of one another. Understand that he is 2500 miles from me and he has been out to see me and spend time with me and I am moving out to where he is this weekend to be with him. We both feel like we are a whole when we are together and we love and respect and trust each other with all our souls and hearts. That was just to give you a little background on us. We have not practiced DD before and it is a little scary to begin with for both of us as like you said he was raised to not hit a woman and I have built up protection walls so to speak around myself for years. I just want to say that your site has really informed us and helped us alot and we look foreward to the continued help from this site. We have ordered the boot camp book but we are waiting to discuss it in person and waiting until we get more familiar with this process. We however think that the book will do us good and really get us to know each other deep down. This has had such a profound positive effect on our relationship and we thank you for that. By the way I can only figure out how to post as anonymous so my name is Marci. LOL

Anonymous said...

This blog has helped me to understand how to propose to my boyfriend how he could use Domestic Discipline to enhance our relationship. Seeing how other couples use Dd has encouraged him to try it, at least for a while. The Advanced discipline page has been a great encouragement to me. I know I can take that sort of punishment because your wife has taken it.
-- A-Non (J)

redhiney said...


I just wanted to say today is the ling awaited picking day!!!!!!!! Woohooo lol

Lynn D said...

Thank you for starting the blog. It's helped my husband and me so much. It's great to have a support like this blog and the network!

Rachel said...

I have found this blog so encouraging and so helpful to myself and my fiancé. We love to read and learn from you and your wife, and we greatly appreciate all the time you have contributed to this blog. This blog has helped us both realize what's important and how to appreciate each other again. Thank you both so much!

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

You all have such wonderful things to say about LDD and I'm so thankful to have you all as supporters. I genuinely thank you all for your very kind comments. It makes all the work I put into the blog worth it.

Thank you so very much.

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're busy but can you tell us when your instructional video might be coming?

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anonymous (June 4th 8:32 PM) - We're planning on starting the video series towards the end of July/early August. We'll be in our new home by then and things will be a bit more settled down for us.

Thanks for your patience! All the best to you.

-- Clint

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