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A How To Guide To Domestic Discipline Boot Camp is now available! After much anticipation, the book is now available for download. But, before you purchase, here are a few things you should know.
  • The book is currently only available as an e-book download. This means it is not yet available in paperback format, but if all goes according to plan, it will be hopefully within the next few months. If you're interested in purchasing it in paperback format, please let me know, so I know approximately how many copies to have made.
  • With the e-book download, it can be read directly on your computer, your phone (assuming it's a smartphone), your Nook/Kindle/iPad or other reading device as long as it can support the Adobe Digital Reader application. This application is free to download, and you can download it at the same time you download the e-book.
  • The e-book IS copyright protected and CAN NOT be transferred, copied, or otherwise distributed to anyone else aside from you (the purchaser). Lulu (the host publisher site) has a feature that protects the distribution of the book to people who hadn't purchased it, and people who are breaking the copyright law. Please don't make a poor decision and please do the honorable thing.
  • After purchase, the book will download immediately.
How To Purchase:

  To purchase A How To Guide To Domestic Discipline Boot Camp simply click here. You can also purchase it by going to Lulu's website and searching "domestic discipline boot camp" and clicking on it from there.

What is the book?

  A lot of people, across a lot of different blogs, from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds, have inquired about domestic discipline boot camp. However, it's such a complex topic that I felt it would be best to put the information into a book (because, individually sending everyone a 40+ page document just wasn't possible). So, I wrote a pretty detailed (pretty much as detailed as it gets, actually) account of how I recommend boot camp be done. The book features things like what boot camp is, how to get started with boot camp, boot camp punishments and homework assignments, and much more. It should answer all your questions regarding domestic discipline boot camp.


  If you have any questions about how to purchase the book, feel free to contact us at We can help you with downloading or purchasing issues, or anything else you might need. 

  Also, here are a few posts from various bloggers throughout the blogosphere who have conducted their own boot camp experience:

Princess' experience from It's Tough Being a Princess
Christina's experience from Red Booty Woman

Enjoy the book and best of luck with boot camp!


Lisa said...

Congratulations Clint! I am sure you will have many members looking to purchase this book! I wish you much success!

bl said...

Clint, I just bought your book, and can't wait to read it... Thanks so much for your blog - I read it everyday !!! It has helped my husband and I so much !!

Anonymous said...

Hello Clint. This is Gene and Denise and since you asked for a count if anyone is waiting to purchase the paperback version, we're letting you know that we would like the paperback when it's available. Thanks and congrats on finishing it.
Gene and Denise

Anonymous said...

I just bought your book and can't wait to read it in it's entirety. We have tried and failed at DD a few times. I want to try again so I am planning to let my husband read and see if we can't give it one more try. Thank you.-Susan

Anonymous said...

I am very happy you decided to write this! I am really curious
Although a bit apprehensive to do a bootcamp. We are just starting dd but both want to know about the 'mysterious' bootcamp. Thanks Clint!

SmS photography said...

My Husband and I would buy your book. We just found your blog a few days ago. I have been sending him links everyday because he is currently serving in Korea. It would be nice to send him a book. Thank you for your blog, you really have helped in clearing up a few questions we have had.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Lisa - Thank you so much! If you bought the book, I hope you like it!

@bl - I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you so much for purchasing the book, and for being a loyal reader of the blog. I'm glad you find it helpful and I wish you and your husband all the best.

@Gene and Denise - Thank you very much. I'll put you down for a paperback copy when it's available. I appreciate your support. It truly means a lot. Thank you.

@Susan - I hope you and your husband find the book helpful to you. I'd love to hear any feedback you may have on the book if you would be so kind as to share your thoughts. Thank you for buying the book and I hope everything works out for you.

@Anna - You're most welcome and thank you for the support! Hopefully the book is a useful resource for your marriage. Good luck with everything!

@SmS photography - It's my pleasure. There's nothing better than hearing the time and effort I put into the blog is helpful to marriages. Good luck with everything, and enjoy the book. Thank you for your support.

-- Clint

anna said...

Oh no! Lulu would not accept my payment :( I will try again tomorrow hopefully. dang I was so eager to read it!

Anonymous said...

very good book. My husband and I are planning a bootcamp next month.....We have both read it. thank you. very interesting and very good details. I am sure we will succeed. Thank you Clint.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anna - I'm sorry! I hope you're able to get it soon. Lulu is running a Black Friday special on their site this weekend so now would be the best time to buy it. Thank you for your interest in the book!

@Anonymous (November 25th 11:12 AM) - Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I wish you success with your boot camp experience.

All the best to you both.

-- Clint

Blondie said...

I can't figure out the whole e-book thing yet. We would like to buy a book. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello Clint,

I have to confess that I have devoured your book in spite of my language difficulties. (Btw: Please, excuse my mistakes which you will find in this message surely.) Your book is really wonderful and very helpful. I feel your book not as a strict guide but it is like a counselor of a close friend. I cannot understand why CDD is nearly a taboo topic in Germany. My wife and I do not know any friendly married couple who lives in a CDD marriage too. Therefore we will never have occasion to experience shared boot camp. You write very insightful and consider the situation of both spouses. You bring up new aspects. For example I have underrated the advantages of breaks during a spanking session. Your book will be a more valuable counselor in our CDD marriage despite of a participation in a boot camp. It is like a stimulus to discuss this issue again and to make the advantages of a CDD marriage present again.

Thank you that you describe the situation from the viewpoint of a responsible and devoted spouse. Finally I have to confirm that God's presence in any situation is never a bad thing.

Best wishes from


Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Blondie - Are you unable to purchase the e-book, or what do you mean by "can't figure out the whole e-book thing"? I'm happy to help you purchase the book if you can give me a little more detail on what the problem is that you're having.

@bluntly/Michael - Thank you so very much for the kind words about the book! Thank you for purchasing it, and I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy it. I agree that it's unfortunate DD is considered taboo in your country. It doesn't have to be that way, and I hope my blog as well as my book convey that message to readers. Again, I thank you kindly for your wonderful words about the book, and I wish you nothing but happiness in the future.

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to convince my husband to incorporate DD into our marriage for a while now. We never really came to a decision yes or no, (well I say YES YES YES, but he is not exactly on board with it) and we really are not practicing DD. I want to very badly because I think it will truly benefit us and our marriage… I just think you can only talk about it so much and really just need to ‘do it’. The difficulty I am having is getting my husband to ‘commit’ to this. I have read about Boot Camp and I understand you to say its NOT for beginners. I haven’t read the book yet (having trouble with the down load) BUT I understand the basic idea. I’m wondering why it could not be altered a bit and changed to a “introduction to DD-training camp” sort of thing.
Some thing I could go to my husband and say..’honey, we have talked about DD and I know your not convinced. Maybe you don’t think it will work, or maybe your not sure how to start….well I have this information on a boot camp and maybe we could set a date and try this for a couple days…it would be a lot more intense than our normal every day life, but I think when its over you WILL finally see the benefit and then maybe we can make DD a real part of our marriage…”
So what I am asking is…do you think that’s a idea that may work???? I really need some advice on this and I think a lot of others just starting out would really like the idea of a “beginners boot camp”. Soooo…maybe you can think on it and come up with something for us just starting out. Thanks

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anonymous (December 5th 7:24 AM) - I know convincing the husband to practice DD can take some time and effort. Hopefully one day he can see how badly you want this in your marriage and will agree to give it a shot.

You're right - I've made it clear that DD boot camp is for more experienced couples. However, I also encourage couples to modify boot camp to suit their marriage. In my boot camp book, I stress the fact that it's essentially an outline for couples and the concepts within it can be modified if the couples feels it necessary to do so.

With that said, I absolutely feel your idea of a "beginners boot camp" would work. Most of the concepts of boot camp can be modified, however I would recommend that two of the aspects of the boot camp experience remain unchanged. Those two things being A) the intimacy factor of it, and B) the homework assignments. What I mean by "intimacy factor" is that the entire boot camp experience is for couples to focus strictly on their spouses and their marriage. Any outside distractions should be cut out (take time of work, have the kids stay with grandparents, etc.) so the couple can focus strictly on the marriage. Also, the homework assignments set the foundation and expectations of the marriage for the future, so I feel those should all be included as well.

I'm rambling a bit, but yes, I feel your idea would work if those two things remained unchanged.

Good luck in getting your husband on board with DD. I wish you nothing but the best. Happy holidays!

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

Clint! Lulu is saying your book is not available at this time? Thought I would let you know :(

p.s. I understand about the paypal age thing, I had one long ago and it is being a pain to update everything. Eventually we will get there :)

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anna - I'm not sure why you're having difficulties with Lulu. The book is selling, so it appears to be available. I would give it another try. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure how to go about getting a copy. I'm looking into making it available on other sites, so if I'm able to do so in the near future, I'll write a post about it letting everyone know.

I appreciate your interest in the book. Hopefully we can find you an avenue to purchase it in the near future. All the best to you, Anna.

-- Clint

Anonymous said... husband and I have talked about a DD marriage, he is just never consistant though. I thought about purchasing your e book but just cannot right, saw somewhere that someone said something about a DD counslor? We live in Nashville tn. Also saw that some marriaage and church counslors are accepting to DD? I have not found any in our area....was wondering if there is anyone in the group here around us that could help or something . This is our last resort our marriage is on the brink and with 16 years in I want to try and make it work.

He has spanked me in the past it started out good but in the middle of it all it switched from a spanking for a misconduct to a erotic and sexual lighter playful spanking.

Sorry for the long post but I saw you were not doing e mail.

Thank you

Meg said...

I want to buy this book and read it on my kindle. I've never read anything on my kindle that I didnt' buy on SO how do I do it?

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@L - There's no doubt in my mind that Domestic Discipline would help your marriage. No doubt in my mind. The key, of course, is committing to it fully and being consistent with it. I commend you for wanting to look into it further to improve your marriage.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Nashville area. I would recommend you contact local psychology firms and inquire about their marriage counselors, and inquire if they have any counselors who are supportive of Domestic Discipline. Some have them and some don't, but I would start there.

Churches and church officials aren't going to outwardly indicate they have DD resources to help a struggling marriage. I would talk to your pastor (or other church official) about your struggling marriage and ask him/her for help. Some churches have DD material, some don't. Some have marital courses that include DD related exercises within them, some don't. You're going to have to do a little research to find what you're looking for.

Good luck to you, and I hope things improve in your marriage.

@Meg - It would depend on what kind of Kindle you have since some are Wifi capable and some aren't. Can you give me a little more information about your Kindle? Then I can answer your question a little better.

Thank you!

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

I bought the book and read it, it's very interesting and has already been very helpful to us! We have tried a couple of times to DD, we understand it but my husband is not consistent and has been gun shy so to speak, about incorporating this into our life. My husband has read it and says he has a better understanding of the concept and he thinks we should do boot camp, so we are talking about it and making plans. I would like to put it on my Kindle Fire, but not sure how to do that, any help accomplishing that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anne - If you have an email address set up for your Kindle, all you need to do is email the document to that email as an attachment and Kindle will convert it and deliver it via WiFi to your Kindle. If you don't already have a Kindle email address, you can set one up for free (it's really easy). There's instructions on how to do so here: (scroll down to "establishing your Kindle email).

Hope this helps!

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

Thank you Clint I tried that, but I received an error message from Amazon telling me that it could not be delivered to my Kindle because it was not the right type of file. I tried attaching some of my own files to see if they would work and they did. I tried the book again, but it still didn't work. Thank you for the help. Anne

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anne - Sorry about all the difficulties. Inspired by your comment, I've made the book available to Kindle owners. Copy and paste the following link into your browser:

This link even gives a brief preview of the book. That should do the trick!

Thank you so much for purchasing the book, and please let me know if you have any further trouble.

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

Id love to read it. Even bought one. Except, lulu only offers a format we do not have. Im very very irritated over this.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Anonymous (July 26th 5:05 PM) - I don't blame you for being irritated. I would be as well. That sounds extremely frustrating. What format do you need? I'll do everything I can to help you out, but it may be helpful to contact Lulu support about this issue as well.

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

Hi Clint,

I just bought your book after humming and hawing about it for a couple weeks. The idea of a boot camp has crossed our path quite a few times. So far from what I read, I'm not sorry I did! :)

I would like to get your idea though if a boot camp is at all possible to be worked around work schedules? We have been practicing CDD for over a year now and have had issues working around our teens at home. They ended up finding out about CDD but have a strong opinion against it yet so we try to be careful when they are around ... Which is all the time! Except for ... This week! We have the house to ourselves for a whole week! But we both still have to work! :( Is it possible to split the boot camp schedule in half? Before work/after work? Or is it possible to condense the time element from your approx 6 hour day to say 4? Or since I'm home some of the day, do assignments then? Or my husband texting me when he can? I know this makes immediate discipline impossible and him being able to evaluate my reactions properly, so I guess that would defeat the purpose ... I am just trying to figure out how we can make this work more effectively due to our circumstances. Any ideas?

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Abby - Thank you so much for buying the book! I hope it helps you out, and I hope you feel it was money well spent.

Before I give you my response, I just want to say that I COMPLETELY understand your situation, and I completely understand how it can be very difficult to work around children/teenagers and work schedules. Sometimes life just gets in the way. That's the way it goes.

With that said, it's best that boot camp be done when you have no other obligations, responsibilities or distractions during your time in boot camp. The point, in addition to defining roles, establishing rules, doing marital exercises, etc., is to devote all your time to, and focus all your attention on, your spouse and your marriage. You're both working to make your marriage better and stronger during boot camp - a reconnect if you will - and your marriage deserves your full attention and commitment during that time frame. Eliminating distractions is key in getting the most out of the boot camp experience, so it's best to do it when you have a minimum of two days free of those things.

Perhaps not the answer you wanted to hear, but it's an honest answer. Boot camp just won't yield the long term results you're looking for if there are too many other responsibilities that take your attention away from it.

If you do find the time to conduct your own personal boot camp with your spouse, I certainly wish you the best of luck with it. While a tough experience to go through, I know you wouldn't regret it.

Best of luck to you.

-- Clint

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