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  We cover the importance of reinforcement and rewarding in the domestic discipline lifestyle.  You can read this article on our new website by clicking here.


Kay said...

Oh, I like this post! Suddenly your blog got like a thousand times better, LOL! ;) Thanks, Clint, for posting this!

Kay :)

Christina said...

I agree with Kay! The blog went from spankin's and cream to rewards and presents!!


Nicole said...

My husband is a romantic. He does a romantic surprise for me every other week. He has a romantic dinner set up, or a scavenger hunt with little love clues for me to a present her got me, or just little post it's with how much he loves me. Doesn't matter what I do, he will always be romantic and do sweet stuff for me. We have date night once a week cause we have a 2 year old son. We don't ever spank our son no matter what he does but we do reward him for good behavior. But I'm not a child so I don't need to be rewarded. Besides my husband would rather die than cause me any kind of pain. He says a real man would never cause his wife pain no matter what she does. He spoils me and he is the most amazing husband in the world. He is a bug muscular guy and his large hands would hurt worse than any implement but he says they will always be gentle and protective to me no matter what. He doesn't want to be leader, or control me. He says any man who wants to control or be head over his wife is a little coward. He said he rather me be in control.

His First Mate said...

Kay and Christina---- You do realize he's just trying to trick us into showing this blog to our husbands right :)LOL Sorry Clint! (I had to say it)

Christina said...

No, I didn't realize that could be a motive. Entice them with presents and rewards and we'll show the husbands the posts about spanking creams...

Red said...

You two are too funny, as usual!

Christina said...


Good for you that you and your husband have such a positive and loving relationship with eachother. I also, have a positive and loving relationship with my husband. In fact, in a few weeks, we're going to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. And every day of those years, have been with Domestic Discipline as part of our positive, loving relationship.

My husband is a natural Head of the House or HoH. He's not a coward by any means, and would do anything at all to provide for and protect me and our children.

You've missed the entire point of this blog and this particular entry. That's fine. What is good for you both is good for you both. And what is good for DD couples, is good for DD couples. I wish you both well.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Kay - You're most welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

@Christina - I'm glad this post gave you a little better appreciation of my blog. :)

@Nicole - Well what a cute, cuddly, big ol' teddy bear of a husband you have! That's adorable. What's even more adorable is that he went as far as to call all the HoH's who practice Domestic Discipline "little cowards". What a sweetheart! I'm glad the marriage dynamic of you being the HoH works for you two in your marriage. All the best to you both going forward.

@His First Mate - Who? Me? Never! :)

-- Clint

Christina said...

All I'm going to say is ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Learning Domestic discipline is the place for you. You must have been looking for some pointers to end up here. After alot of searching, and finding mostly gay/lesbian blogs about female domination and male submission, I FINALLY found one that is for the dominant wife.

Hope it helps :0)

Ash said...

Clint, I second Christina's "ROFL!"


Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@Christina - *Thumbs up*

@Newbie - Well played. *Thumbs up*

@Ash - *Thumbs up*

-- Clint

His First Mate said...

Clint- newbie and others it may concern

Newbie is pretty dang cool. She has a lot of good comments oh here. I think we should get her to come join us on the network.....

Anonymous said...

@His First Mate

awwww, I would LOVE to join the network, but, I NEVER get on the computer out side of working hours, I just don't have time unless its to just post a comment to something. My spare time is spent with my husband, we are always soooo busy with work, and social obligations, our free time is truly limited and we make the most of that time just hanging out together.
But thank you so much for your compliment.

Anonymous said...

i have been married almost thirty years in what i claimed was a fifty fifty marriage.
We both work , we both have fun doing stuff together .He is also romantic and i love that about him but things change in a person over time just like a child growing and needs they have become apparent .
It may be a man needs free time or a woman needs to travel see the world or just a need to progress in their work to a prestigious position to make them feel complete and happy. It may also be that a woman needs to hand over control to her hubby and to have him help her be a better person less about whats in it for me and more about doing things to show she loves him and make his life easier.
Truthfully this LDD has been at the back of my mind for quite some time .I suggested a few experimental things for my hubby because i was embarrassed to say outright how i was feeling.I wanted to see how he reacted to this blossoming idea.
You know Nicole it takes a brave couple to change and adapt to the other partners needs.It takes a lot of love and trust between two in this relationship because we give the power to our hubby /partner and we say help me become better wife, better person .We ask them to discipline us and agree to accept that knowing at times it might be a difficult road for both .
You are happy now and thats good and if in time you change and need more i hope your hubby also is brave enough to step up adapt and become more for you.

Anonymous said...

i have been married in what i would call a fifty fifty marriage for almost thirty years since i was a teenager.
My hubby is also romantic and i love that about him.
The thing is over time we change and needs become apparent just like a child growing we learn new life lessons and require to adapt.
It may be the changes are simple like a need to travel or to learn a craft.It may be just to achieve recognition in our work life by promotion or to have more fun in our life.
It takes a lot of love and trust to allow a partner to grow and change and for the other partner to help and support them .
For a long time i have had a need for this DD way of life
kicking around within me and i was too embarrassed to
say exactly what i wanted but my hubby responded positively to my suggestion to try it and now i am happier within myself because i know i am doing something which feels so right to me .
I think he is very brave to take on this new role and to enforce it when to outsiders he may be perceived as aggressive and a brute ....My hubby is not this, he is a dear loving man who i adore for loving me enough to be strong for me .
Maybe Nicole in your life your needs may change and i hope you too have a partner willing to adapt and give you support and to go forward with you on the road you choose.

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