Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Lot To Be Proud Of


  After some great things from Chelsea and the launch of the new website, we have a lot to be proud of.  You can read this article on our new website by clicking here.


Cat said...

Hi Clint and Chelsea - Leaving the message here since comments are being accepted on the new site yet.

The new site is great and you both have a lot to be proud of. Chelsea, you did a wonderful job in creating/coding the new site and Clint, you did a wonderful job of supporting her.

Way to go Chelsea one month down on the "no-spanking" challenge. You can do it!


elle :) said...

Love the new website!!
And yay for Chelsea going 1 month on the new challenge!!

Christina said...

The site is awesome! I love the pictures for each page and the overall look of the site!

Yayyyyy Chelsea! This challenge is hard, especially when you add stress into daily life. I'm at 4 months but I've had to restart month 2 and 4 already, so you're not alone in having to restart the challenge. You can do it!

hiswarmcouncil said...

Your (Chelsea and Clint) new site looks realy great. You and your wife work so hard and make it a lot easier on us, you might consider us your little flock. :) I can't wiat to see what comes next. And Chelsea, GREAT WORK!! first month down, only four more short weeks untill you have another under your belt, (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

My husband and I want to start this lifestyle. Mainly because I am very feisty and believe I need maintenance. Just thinking about it starting has made me less bratty over the past couple days. My husband needs guidelines on how to start. He also believes, as I do, that I am in need of a punishment and frequent maintenance to start. I flirted over the line with another which has never been my nature. Flirting is but not overstepping as I did. I want to be submissive and feel I did this because of needing a HOH which I tend to be. Can you give advice?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:
I understand what you are saying. My advice to you would be to sit down and talk to your HOH and explain your thinking to him, and having him listen to you, and you listen to what he has to say too. You all will need to come up with some rules for you together that you all think you will need. Communication is the key here I think. I know my HOH and I have practiced for about 8 or 9 months and we have just now in the last week gotten the punishments to where they are punishments and not reminders. It took us a long time to get the right strength of the spankings, groundings, corner time, sentences etc. Have patience. I know if I would have done what you did my HOH would have assigned corner time to think about what I did, grounding from being on line, and a quite SEVERE spanking so that the behavior would not be repeated. He would have lectured for a good time first and then after he would have hugged and cuddled with me while rubbing my back and telling me it was ok and that he still loved me and it was forgiven. Just a few suggestions for what they are worth. You just have to communicate and find what works for you because everyone is different, and what works for some may not work for another. I hope this helped some. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes this helps. I wrote rules last night for me, of which he approved and added some, which we both agreed on. I was spanked off and on all weekend with the belt and a wooden spoon. I am not sure if they were severe enough, because, don't get me wrong, my butt is sore, but I never cried. Also, I don't know if he has any idea how he is going to give me maintenance. I believe I need it frequently right now to remind me how terrible I behaved. Thoughts? Or maybe you could ask your HOH. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well first off like I said you and your HOH have to talk and let each other know how things are going with the punishments. I know that when we started my HOH did not spank me hard enough. We have just gotten to the point where the spankings are punishment for me and to tell you the truth others may think they are quite SEVERE but they are what I need to stay in line. We finally went to and bought a package of implements that are quiet but they really, really work and they make a lasting impression. I can only speak for myself and my HOH on this, but I know that the spoon always bruises me and the implements that we bought don't bruise a lot but they do hurt! I also needed frequent to begin with until my HOH and I sat down and discussed with each other the intensity of the spankings and got them just right. My HOH not only spanks but he assigns sentences (UGHHHHHHHH my fingers are sore now from them), corner time, time out, grounding from privledges, and if I am cranky nap time! LOL All I can tell you is to talk with your HOH and you and him should be able to talk to each other at the end of a punishment and you should be able to openly tell him if you thought that was enough for you to learn your lesson or not and he should be able to put in his input as to what he is thinking on the intensity also, and if you both feel like it was not enough then you should be punished more. I know that it helps to think about what you did, and why you are in trouble. My HOH always lectures, then assigns 10 min corner time for me to reflect on what I did and how to correct it and why I am being punished, then he administers the punishment, if I put my hand back there consistently then he makes me go to the corner and calm down the resumes the punishment only this time it is a little harder and longer so that I realize that I do not control the punishment by putting my hands back there or moving from position. This is what works for us and you will have to find what works for you. You can only do that by being open and honest with your HOH when you talk to him. That is what this lifestyle is about, communication with each other. I know it took me awhile to be able to talk like that with my HOH but I did it and I felt better for it and it showed him that I could and did trust him with everything.
I hope that helps some for what it is worth.

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