Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spanking Multiple Times A Day

The question of whether or not it's fair to spank twice (or more) in one day is all a matter of personal opinion.  In our personal opinion, we feel it is fair to spank twice (or more) times in one day and we explain why in this post.

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Jenny said...

Your advice seems reasonable. If the first spanking is a Beginner level, then there could be another spanking after 3 or 4 hours, if you can fit that in before bedtime. If the first spanking was Intermediate or Advanced, wait about 24 hours before spanking again. And the second spanking should be more like a Beginner spanking because her bottom will be sore at the start.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Marci AKA Icey. I want to share what works for my HOH and I on this subject. Please read all of this first before you judge us. I had a lot of repeat offences in the past when we first started the DD lifestyle and sometimes I still do. First of all he asked me to come up with some rules that I thought I needed and then he came up with some too. I want him to help me quit smoking and I am doing good on that one I slipped the other day though and got corner, sentences and a spanking (OUCH) so I will not be slipping on that for awhile to come. Some days however I am disrespectful (my mouth engages before my brain), I swear, and have a general attitude melt down which only causes major stress in the house. When we take care of the spankings we have to do so at night when the 2 teens are asleep so we keep a list of the punishments example, sentences, corner time, time outs, spankings etc that we are working on and what behavior caused them. Then we take care of 2 sometimes in one night if we need to. These are by no means beginners spankings and when he spanks this way we do timed spanking with different implements, then corner time for a little bit then we cuddle and he rubs my back and tells me it is ok that I am doing good and he is proud of me and that I am forgiven. Then when we are both ready he will conduct the second spanking and then we cuddle and talk as he rubs my back and calms me down. I really cry and feel guilty when I disrespect my HOH so I am glad that he punishes me this way to remind me that it is unacceptable behavior. My HOH is very caring and he would NEVER abuse me or strike me out of anger. He even feels sad and cries sometimes when he has to spank me because it hurts him as much as it hurts me to receive the spanking and punishment. This lifestyle has brought us close together and we can talk about anything now with each other where as before I was in a shell and could not talk about things. We can not imagine our lives without each other and cannot understand why we did not start this lifestyle earlier(we are in our late 50's). I just want you to know how we do multiple spankings and that there are ways to do them. My HOH always inspects my sit spot to make sure he is not injuring me before we conduct the spankings. I have actually had to wait for some because we were doing the warm ups with the spoon and it bruised alot even though we only did 20 and did them lightly. We have since quit using the spoon. Since we are using the quieter implements though (and believe me they hurt worse than any other) I do not bruise as much in fact I don't bruise hardly at all but I am sore for a few hours after the spanking. Just my input for what it is worth. I would like to thank Clint and Chelsea for instructing and sharing, and I would like to thank the DD community here for all the help in this lifestyle as we are very serious about this lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually on my best behavior after my husband gives me a punishment spanking. The spankings are always intense, and I'm always sore. I can't imagine being spanked more than once in a day. Ouch! I'm usually still sore the next day. Even two spankings in two days would be hard, I think.

Anonymous said...

Dear Clint,
Respectfully, I would like to say that women are not stupid. I don't know if you got a serious spanking in your life, but when you just got one, your bottom is red, burning for hours. And you're brought to heel. You're so in pain, so humbled, so on your knee... You don't have any idea to be rude or disrespectful. You know very well that to be spanked again, would be a torture, and you stay quiet.
Sorry if I seem outrageous. But your post frightened me a lot.
Best regards.

Anonymous said...

To my mind it is a sign that something went really wrong when the woman misbehaves again although she has just received a discipline spanking. A spanking has not an end in itself. A woman is not like a stubborn girl. I think she should be treated in another way as an additional spanking when she misbehaves multiple daily because her failure is like a proof that spankings do not work on such a day.

Anonymous said...

Icey here again,
Sorry I did not mean to get everyone in an uproar on this subject but may I respectfully remind everyone here that the punishments are what ever works for you and in some cases a double punishment works for us. Again sorry if I caused an uproar with my comment here and I guess I will not be posting again on the forums or here. Just for what it is worth


Ezz said...

@bluntly and @elisa
I agree that just after a spanking it is unlikely that anyone would do anything to cause a second one. But think about the situation where two offences occur during the day when the HoH is out at work, only to be discovered when he gets home. This has happened to me on two occasions and both times, one punishment took place straight away and the second at bedtime while still a bit sore from the first.

We are relatively new to DD (less than 3 months) and only use beginner level spankings. (Don't know what we'll do if/when we move up to intermediate) My husband decided that two spankings was appropriate the same day as he didn't want me starting off the following day with a punishment already owing. What if I earned another one that day too? We would be back where we started. It seemed to make sense in our circumstances. Whatever works for each couple is what I'm trying to say I guess.


Anonymous said...


Hi Ezz:),

I am really happy for you that you both have come to the decision to strengthen your marriage with spankings. Of course it would be foolish to do what an outsider says if you know for sure that an additional spanking will work when you have deserved it. I agree that misbehavior should be punished as soon as possible. It sounds sweet that your spouse wanted to spare you a spanking as greeting of the new day.

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Tell that to stormy. She seems to get into trouble twice and spankers multiple times. I think her husband is too strict and wrong for doing this. Spanking over any bruises should never ever happen. Do another punishment and wait on the spanking regardless if she hates waiting or not. It's for her own safety to said.

Anonymous said...

Icey here: If this was directed at me please direct it to Icey if not then I apologise for butting in. :Anonymous said...
Tell that to stormy. She seems to get into trouble twice and spankers multiple times. I think her husband is too strict and wrong for doing this. Spanking over any bruises should never ever happen. Do another punishment and wait on the spanking regardless if she hates waiting or not. It's for her own safety to said.
Now first off I do not get into trouble twice anymore and my partner DOES NOT spank multiple times unless I have had 2 infractions during the day which rarely happens and NOWHERE did I say that he spanks OVER BRUISES. HE does not and never will. He does not abuse me, and he makes sure that there are no bruises BEFORE he spanks me and spanking is a last resort issue. Just needed to clear that up.

Pezzi said...

One idea not suggested is a simple one. If two sessions are indicated, just administer the first one on the right bare bottom cheek only, and make it a real good one. Then, after a short "recovery" interval only, then proceed to give her the second spanking (equally hard) on her left cheek only. That would provide little darling with two separate sessions, for two separate "lessons". Capish?

Anonymous said...

Icey you have an amazing husband I can tell. And from reading things Clint has posted I am pretty sure if his wife was bruised also. He would wait. I am also in a DD marriage and I brought it to my husband. He was not for causing me any pain at all but soon saw how spankings helped me. Mostly they actually relieve stress. Some blogs scare me when reading about women getting multiple hard spankings in a day and actually commenting on how sore they are. It is whatever works for each couple but also safety has to come in affect. Bruised can bust if agitated and cause infections. It is best to let them heal before any more spanking happens.

If in the rare case I'm bruised my husband uses alternatives like writing lines I hate those! I'd actually rather take the spanking and have it be over with lol

Jack Jill said...

Personally I think Icey and her loving HoH do what works for them and that is wonderful.
If I did something wrong during the day while my daddy Jack is at work - I would have to tell him and be disciplined for it. If later that day I made another infraction, I would and should be disciplined for that too. Consistency is the only way to unlearn bad habits and build trust. How can I trust my HoH is he isn't consistent?
Jack's Jill

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I left a comment at the end of Chelsea's interview . Can you read it Clint and respond when convenient . Or anyone else for that matter. Thank you. It's dec 13th 7:30 and another one followed by it. Could really use some help here.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

I just posted under the link "a lot to be proud of ". Really need a reply from someone. Just got the belt for punishment but I did not cry although hurt. I feel like my hubby needs to be more stern to help me stop my behavior. All I can think about is sharing with the one I flirted with how I got spanked. Help!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Dec 15,
I know that I might be late in writing this but you need to communicate your problem to your husband not another man because not only are you being disrespectful to your husband but also to your marriage. Does your husband lecture you before the discipline, because as Clint has said a bunch of times the lecture is very important in making the one being punished cry. Maybe show this blog to your husband especially the post on crying. Also does your husband know that you have been flirting with another man, if he doesn't even though it won't be pleasant you should tell him before this causes damage to your marriage.

Anonymous said...

Yes he knows I was flirting. He read all the texts and told me to stop. He also said he would have the man fired if he found out again (we are in similar fields). I wrote rules last night and was spanked pretty hard with the belt. He agrees with all the rules, and I believe feels I deserve the punishment, but I'm not sure if he knows where to go from here. Should I be punished daily for a specific amount of time (and how could that happen if he usually gets home after I am in bed). Also do you recommend constant maintenance? And if so with what? I love my husband, I know I was wrong, and wish to be submissive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clint! I am new to the domestic discipline world and the first day my husband and I started, I was spanked a couple times that day for things I had done previously. While I understood while I was being punished, I noticed that he favored one side. Is there anything that we can do to ensure an even spanking? Is this a normal problem for couples new to DD to run into?
Your blog has been SO helpful and I appreciate everything you and your wife post!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree... I have been in trouble more then 2x in a day for things I did wrong when he was at work. I would get punished for one then later the 2nd!

Anonymous said...

I have a set day for maintenance spankings. Always the same over knee with a wooden spoon, ten swats at bedtime. Well one day I was caught texting and driving on the day of the maintenance spanking. So I was given a "normal spanking" which is a warm up with the spoon and then the strap. Sure enough that night before bed I was given a maintenance spanking, however I was given five extra swats for an extra reminder. I think it is ok, as long as you are given enough time to recover from the first. In my case it happened a few hours apart.

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