Thursday, August 23, 2012

The LDD Interview - Ask A Doctor (Part II)

  We interviewed a doctor and asked him all the tough domestic discipline questions that you're too embarrassed to ask YOUR doctor.  You can read this article on our new website by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Great interviews! Thanks Clint and Dr. Tom. I have one question. Do you or any of the other physicians you have spoken to about DD view it as abuse or as a consensual lifestyle choice?
Thanks aqain,

Anonymous said...

I am a Health care provider in general family practice. I have been asked many questions by my patients, I've learned about many sexual activities some may consider unusual. I always respond with as accepting and logical, medically safe responses as possible. I do usually inquire that the activity be between Consenting adults. I try to counsel safety. I am frequently told by the inquiring person that the info is helpful and that they are very grateful for non-judgemental answers. I am forever learning. Clint and Tom, thank you for your desire to be a help for those who choose what many consider an alternative lifestyle.

Zoe said...

Thanks for the great interview and answers Clint and Dr. Tom. So informative.

Unknown said...

@Clint- Excellent part two. I'm really glad you asked about spanking while pregnant. I've seen so many questions about that lately. Thanks again for all your hard work, I know this information will help so many. :)

@Dr Tom- I've seen a few comments with women complaining about still being in pain from a spanking days later. I'm wondering what signs to look for that may mean something went wrong and you should consider seeing a doctor. Thank you so much for your time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great info. This really helps us newbies out!!

Patricia Green said...

Thank you, Clint and Tom for putting these interviews together. When I write about DD, I try to use realistic tools and positions based upon my personal experiences, and those my readers have shared with me. Medical safety is important, even in fiction, simply due to the off-chance that readers will emulate the situations at home. These interviews were very helpful, as they not only confirmed what I already knew but also because they gave me new thoughts on what I was unsure of. Thanks again.

SpankedWifeUK said...

thank you. very interesting c

Anonymous said...

Hi Clint and Doctor Tom. I don't know where to put this post and if you decide not to allow it to post or move it to a more appropriate thread I won't be offended.

Let me start by saying that I am on my third marriage. My first was abusive that produced two childer, my second was short, friendly and that was about it, my third has been long, much more committed. About 6 weeks ago I gave my complete submission to my husband. Life has been bliss ever since. I won't go into the reasons why, they aren't relative.

Yesterday, my son called to tell me that he and the mother of my grandchilren are divorcing. They live in another town, over 500 miles away so I have no influence other than phone conversations. I believe (and have directly asked) if there is infidelity or abuse and the answer has been "no". They are just "fed up and sick of each other".

I believe my son to be a complacent husband. He was raised by me. During all of his childhood, I made it understood that women were equal to men and all that. I wasn't exactly a woman's libber, but the bitterness of my first marriage showed through.

My question is, I would like to suggest marriage counseling with a marriage counselor who will hold both spouses accountable, in a traditional way. I feel like this marriage structure would help them and possibly save my grandchildren from the same stupid mistakes that I made. I have found a marriage counseling service that claims to be Christian based but it is owned and ran by a woman. That doesn't work with the Christanity that I have learned. My son claims to have already gone through couseling and the result was the divorce, so I know that counselor wasn't the right one.

My son and daughter in-law are under estimating their marriage and over estimating their gain from a divorce. I honestly believe they love one another, they are both too quick to throw in the towel.

Any reply and advice will be appreciated.

Cat said...

@Anon 2.Sep 9:14pm - I apologize that no one has responded sooner to your question. Clint is taking a break for family reasons and the rest of us somehow missed your question.

This is probably not the answer you want, but no matter how good your intentions or how much you want to help, you need to stay out of the relationship between your son and daughter-in-law. Think honestly how you would have reacted if your mother-in-law had approached your husband/her son about a DD marriage for you. DD is a very serious decision that has to be carefully talked through and decided upon between a husband and wife. Both have to be fully committed.

I know that DD seems to have helped your marriage but it is not for everyone. You might be able to approach a friend with the suggestion but to approach your son with the suggestion of DD would probably just harm your relationship with him.

If they want their marriage to work, they will find a way to do so but it is 100% between them.

As a parent/grandparent, all you can do is keep the doors of communication open between you, your son, your daughter-in-law, and your grandchildren. Whatever you do, please do not badmouth your son or daughter-in-law to each other or to your grandchildren. If they do reconcile, any hurtful words you have said will cause a breach between you and them.

Simply love and support them all.

Rae said...


How do would you handle spanking if a wife is on her period? My husband insists on spanking me even if I am on my period and experiencing cramping. How do you feel about this?

Cat said...

@Kathy 28.Sept 6:04pm - Unfortunately, my husband was the same way. He did make sure I had a pillow to place under me so that my tender tummy was not anything hard which really helped. I would suggest you respecfully ask that if he insists on spanking, that he at least allow you to place a pillow under your tummy - especially if you are OTK.

Hope this helps,

BJNJ said...

Kathy & Cat: do your husbands understand the whole consenting part of consenting adults?

Cat said...

@BJNJ 5.Oct 12:15pm - This lifestyle is totally consenting between for both partners. Many of the wives have actually brought the idea of DD to their husbands. And ultimately, the wives have absolute power in our relationships because we can withdraw our consent to continue DD at any time. If we don't, it is because we recognize the awesome benefits to the relationship.


Anonymous said...

It seems I broke something in the tailbone area as a result of spanking. I haven't been able to put weight on it from a straight sitting position for over a year without pain. I have to lean one way or the other and keep the pressure on the "sit" bones. Doctors who have seen me don't think the coccyx is broken per se, but it doesn't heal. What can I do?

Dana said...


Have you considered going to see a chiropractor? Your tail bone may not be broken, but out of place. Also, you may be one whose tail bone isn't curved in the right way. I do have to express my concern that a spanking given caused a "broken" bone? Accidents happen that is for sure, but I would encourage the person spanking you to read Clint's blog entries on appropriate spanking and where the "strike zone" is.

Anonymous said...

If you google this issue, you will see a lot of people saying that once their tailbone area was injured, it never healed, even after years. I did see a chiropractor once, but I wasn't confident my money would be well spent that way because on the forums, no one seems to report that it cures them. I am hoping the doctor will know the answer! I haven't been able to explain to my doctors that this resulted from a month of spanking that was somewhat more intense than usual. At no time did I feel I had been injured greatly and yet weeks later, I found I wasn't getting any better and then it persisted to this day. Could a physical therapist cure me?

Anonymous said...

"This means that the drug has, up until this point, only been tested on animals and has shown no adverse effect to pregnant woman. However, the drug has not been tested on people yet."

I can't believe this doctor is claiming women are not people!

The Secretary said...

I hope you don't mind but I had nothing to do so I'm using my secretarial skills to go through your posts and remind you on what pages you have outstanding questions/comments to answer. I think the doctor needs to be called to the house (schedule permitting of course) for these ones. :-)

Except maybe the last one... geesh!

Anonymous said...

Clint I'm a OB/ GYN and would advise against spanking while pregnant because it can cause contrations. And miscarriage in the early stages in pregnancy.

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