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Guest Blogger - The Wife's Viewpoint of Inconsistency...

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  A guest writer from the domestic discipline community shares her perspective, in a very creative way, of inconsistency from an HoH.  You can read this article on our new website by clicking here.


Anonymous said...


Wow, just wow!! Absolutely, one of the best I've read. It really touched me and helped me understand my feelings. Thanks!!

Kudo to you!! Dana

Rogue said...

@ Dana, my turn to say Wow and Thanks! Your comment just made my day. :) Wishing you all the best!!

@ Clint, thank you for the kind words. We had a great time with you and Chelsea and look forward to future meetings. BTW, I don't know where you found that picture of Dopp, but it's awesome!! I love it.

Anonymous said...

rogue, that was an amazing post, so well written and so very true (funny in places too). Touching wood im not having struggles with inconsistency at the moment, but this is one post ill be relying on when/if we do. Thanks again
love and hugs kiwi xxxx

Christina said...

Excellent post, Rogue! I'm sure it will resonate with and help a lot of couples that are struggling with this issue!

Stormy said...

Rogue, love how "real" you kept this post. Excellent piece of writing. (I still don't think TOG and Dopp should hang out though..)


Anonymous said...


Thank you for this post! Although I am sure it is useful for everyone, it is certainly useful for us beginners!!! Very much appreciated, and yes, you are an awesome writer :)


Rogue said...

@ Kiwi, thank you! I hope you're doing well! :)

@ Christina, my friend, thank you for your input! It was greatly appreciated!

@ Stormy, I'm humbled. (And I agree....disagree....agree) ;)

@ Anon/Bree, good luck in your journey! And thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi Rogue, my name is Milly from the UK! you really must have been reading my mind as I was waiting for somebody to post something regarding consistency!! I have forwarded this to my husband ...... I think this will be very helpful for many couples, especially those who are still trying to find their feet! It really made me laugh too and I love your sense of humour, let's face it, we need to keep things light! Thanks again Milly

Rogue said...

Hi Milly from the UK! Thank you for your comment. Humor is my way of dealing with serious subjects. And I consider domestic discipline a serious subject. :)

I wish you and your husband the very best in finding your feet. Good luck on your journey!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm afraid my husband has been a little inconsistent as well. He'd say I needed to be punished and than forget about it or claim he was too tired. Never mind that during that time I'm alittle more antsy and aggravated because I think I'm in trouble only to find out that I stressed myself out for nothing. Than after we had along talk he confessed something to me.

He admitted he didn't like spanking me and didn't like to see me in pain (which probably explains why he rarely spanks on the bare and gives me only a few swats on the jeans or panties. While I don't exactly enjoy the feeling of a spanking I have yet to get those cleansing tears. Is there anyway to convey to my hubby that a hard spanking is exactly what I need?

Cat said...

@b1ffff... I'm assuming since you posted your question here that you have read Rogue's post regarding consistency - if you haven't done so, I would suggest you also read Clint's post regarding consistency located here I would then suggest you respectfully ask your husband to read them. Or maybe you could read them together - make sure you read all the comments since there is great info in them as well.

As far as asking your husband to spank harder, IMHO, it sounds as if you are new to DD so your husband's reactions are normal - he loves you, does not want to hurt you, and has been raised in a society that says it's wrong for men to hit women at any time, for any reason - he has a lot to overcome. Even after you get more established in DD, this is not something he will look forward to or take pleasure in.

Clint wrote a great reply on this blog a while back in answer to a similar question but I can't find it now about how to respectfully ask for harder spankings so I will leave that question for him.

I hope and pray everything works out well for both of you.

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