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Domestic Discipline Boot Camp BOOK REVIEW

A fellow blogger reviews our book about domestic discipline boot camp.  You can read this article on our new website by clicking here.


GMD said...

Well Clint...after weeks of discussion my wife and I have decided to go to boot camp...I just downloaded the ebook and have started reading. I am already caught up in how you introduced how you and your wife found boot camp. We will be starting in a couple of weeks which will give us time to prepare to spend however many days we need without interruptions. We have been practicing what we have been calling just an Alternative Lifestyle since 2005...but after reading some of the blogs and your blog...we have actually been practicing dd along...Well now we are going the next wife says she's not nervous about it...but I wonder...I haven't finish reading yet...but I will be by days end...I will give you our results by the end of our boot camp...

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@GMD - Thank you so much for purchasing the book! I hope you find it helpful, and I wish you the very best of luck with your boot camp experience. I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences with it once you complete it.

All the best.

-- Clint

Steve said...

Clint, I just read your wonderful ebook and my fiancee and I are discussing doing boot camp while on a trip. Long story short is that we do not live together and so this is a good time when we will be together for an extended period of time. Any advice you can give on adapting the boot camp to a trip like this would be much appreciated. I think we should be able to get at least two spankings and one maybe two homework assignments in.

GMD said...

Clint, just wanted to fill you in on our two day Boot Camp experience. This was an emotional roller coaster with some highs and lows that neither I nor my wife expected. This boot camp forced us to delve into some parts of our lives that we really thought we had locked away but being honest with each other brought back many memories that had some good times as well as some bad times. Emotionally, this played on me as the one in charge at all times because of the things that had to be done and it pushed me and my wife to a limit that we just weren't use to. I never thought I would ever see her in this state and it made me feel so sad for her and I felt so guilty for putting her through this, but she wanted to go forward.

The one part that really played havoc on my wife was having to ask permission to do everything...this was her most hated part of this experience, next to the mandatory's. And as recommended, I immediately punished her for not following these orders..I called this the "order of the camp", We spent alot of time talking about privileges and how they are taken for granted and with the assignments, some how they seem to have a ripple affect on everything. But looking at this entire experience, I myself was very surprised at how it can relate to even traditional couples, minus the mandatory of course.

After the first day of boot camp, I really didn't expect my wife to get up and be ready for the days events after what she'd had already been through, but, before I knew it, she was standing tall and ready to begin at the exact hour that had been set. I was so proud of her. The assignments that we used were some of the ones given in your book and a few were things that had a direct relationship to our lives. All but three assignments were done by us both.

For as long as we have known each other and even though we had been constantly talking to each other, thinking that this is the best way to have a healthy relationship, but during this boot camp, I think I heard my wife for the first time and after hearing the assignments I think she has heard me also..this is communication...

I don't want to spoil this for anyone who is considering doing this boot camp, but like I said, if you can't be honest and you BOTH aren't on board it won't work...but if you do decide to go forward with boot will have an experience unlike anything you could imagine...But that's just my opinion of what happened to us...Clint, you were right in saying "There's a reason why it's called Boot Camp".

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is after a lot of research and discussions your site is the best I have found for caring instruction and feedback. This is the first time I have ever posted anything but I have been researching and discussing with my mate about Domestic Discipline. We are going to follow your advice and suggestions and I have to say it has really opened my eyes as to how this can and will better our relationship. I tend to not show my feelings and keep them inside I have built up safety walls and my mate is helping me to take them down. I also tend to be strong willed. I love my mate dearly with all my heart and soul and I trust him completely on this. I know he can help me and help our relationship to continue to flourish and grow. We have also just downloaded the boot camp and will be putting it into practice after we discuss it more thoroughly. I just want to say thank you to you and your wife and hope you will continue to be there for us.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@GMD - It's been a while since you commented, but I just want to say how much I appreciate your testimony of boot camp. I know it's a difficult experience, but I hope you have seen the benefits from it and I certainly hope they've carried on into your current day to day life.

Thank you so much for your comment. I hope everything is going well for you both. All the best.

@Anonymous (May 7th 5:01 PM) - Your comment is a wonderful one, and I appreciate it very very much. Thank you so much.

This blog was intended to illustrate that the DD lifestyle can be done very lovingly, very practically, and very reasonably. I'm glad that message has been received by you and your spouse. I'm so happy to hear you're already seeing the improvements in your marriage, and I'm confident those improvements will continue to develop for the duration of your DD lifestyle.

Welcome to the lifestyle, welcome to the blog, and please don't hesitate to ask questions to either myself or my wife if you ever need help, or if you simply need encouragement and affirmation.

All the best to you and your family.

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

We just purchased the book yesterday and eagerly read it. We would very much like to do the boot camp. i have a question, well a lot of them really, but one stands out. i got a discipline spanking last night. During it i was thinking of what i had read in your book about the different levels. i really don't think i could take any more that what my HOH does already (which is quite severe for punishment). For this reason i fear submitting to Boot Camp.

Do you have any suggestions for a situation like this? What if a person is unable to go through with certain requirements - seriously? Do you abandon it mid-stream?

We look forward to your wise input.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@His lily - Hello there, Lily. First I just want to quickly thank you for purchasing the book. I hope you enjoyed it and found it informative/helpful.

I've read over your post on your blog referring to the possibility of you and your husband doing boot camp, and I can tell you're a bit nervous about it, and perhaps a bit scared. Trust me when I tell you that you most definitely are not alone in your feelings. Just the term "boot camp" can strike a little fear into anyone's heart. I completely understand.

I don't know how long you have been practicing DD, but if it's anything less than 6 months, I wouldn't recommend doing boot camp just yet. Give yourselves some time to familiarize yourselves with the punishments and the dynamic of a DD marriage before jumping into boot camp.

If you've been practicing longer than that, then boot camp can be a helpful tool for your marriage. I don't want you to feel as though you'd be "failing" at boot camp if you struggle with things like kicking your feet up during a spanking. Many, MANY women do this, and boot camp HELPS to get a problem like that either stopped, or to a safe/appropriate level. Just because you struggle with something like that doesn't mean you will "fail" boot camp. That's part of what boot camp is for - to address those types of things.

I also wouldn't worry about disappointing your husband during boot camp. I can't speak for him of course, but I highly doubt he expects perfection out of you, and I highly doubt he expects you to know precisely how to behave during boot camp from the instant boot camp starts. Boot camp is a time to address faults and get couples settled into their "roles" of a DD marriage, yes, but it's also a time to reconnect, talk about things, and spend quality time together putting the sole focus on your marriage.

I understand you're focused on the spankings and a bit scared of them, but I think you'll find once it's all said and done that the boot camp spankings play a relatively small part in all that boot camp accomplishes for your marriage. Maybe 10% of boot camp is spanking. It's intense to be sure, but the other 90% of boot camp is spending time with your spouse, doing homework assignments, learning how to settle into your "role" as a DD wife, and focusing on enhancing your marriage. There's SO much more to it that just the spankings. Soooo much more.

I don't know if this helped with your feelings at all, but I just want you to understand that boot camp, while scary, really really helps a DD marriage. ANY DD marriage. I have no doubt in my mind that you would come out of boot camp a better woman and a better wife with a happier husband and happier marriage. No. Doubt. In. My. Mind.

If you and your husband decide to do boot camp, I'd love to hear your experience with it. I wish you the best of luck, and I promise you it isn't as bad as it seems on the surface. Think about the other aspects of boot camp rather than solely focusing on the spankings and I think you'll see there's so much more to be excited about.

Good luck to you, Lily.

-- Clint

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much, Clint. My HOH and i will discuss this over the weekend along with your input. Thank goodness that my HOH is level headed and knows how to reign me (and my thoughts) in.
Kind regards,


Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@lily - My pleasure. Good luck with boot camp if you both choose to do it.

All the best to you.

-- Clint

LadyS said...


Downloaded the book and have read most of it. I'm going to present it to my HOH, hoping tht he will be interested in trying it. It was also very easy to purchase and download, even on my at home, out of date computer!

My one complaint would be the many little lines in the book that basically excluded me and my partner from what you were saying, and in ways that I felt were unneccesary. For example, the many references to "husbands will have to deal with their work schedules/ finances". I work, my husband does not. So I every time I read that, I felt somewhat discounted.

I loved the book, and hope their will be more like it. But please consider that in our very modern society, the MAJORITY of women also work and should be given credit it, just as you are automatically giving it to men.

Learning Domestic Discipline said...

@LadyS - Thank you so much for purchasing the book! I hope you found it to be helpful and informative.

You're absolutely right with your complaint. I failed to express those areas of the book in a way that included both spouses. I take full responsibility for that. This was the first book I've ever written, so I'm no expert writer, by any means. I take your criticism constructively, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I'm a better writer because of your comment. :)

If you choose to go through with boot camp, I wish you the very best of luck with it. I'm still waiting for that couple to tell me it wasn't helpful in some fashion. I've never heard anyone say it wasn't beneficial to their marriage, and I'm confident you'll have a great experience with boot camp as well.

All the best to you!

-- Clint

Anonymous said...


My wife and I have decided to try the DD life and have only been at it for a month. She read your blog about boot camp and bought the book. Now she wants to go through with boot camp because she feels she needs it because she always wants to push the envelope beyond the limits and feels I am too wishy washy on punishments. What is your opinion?

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