Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Recap: July 22nd - 28th


  We hope you all have had a wonderful week.  The past seven days have been very productive here at Learning Domestic Discipline.  We've launched a new entity to the site, and we recorded a new podcast!  We hope you're enjoying the new features of the site.  If you haven't had a chance to see what's new, let's get you all up to speed with the latest happenings at LDD.


Mailbag Monday: Week 14 - We touch on gender roles in domestic discipline and the different dynamics in the lifestyle, we discuss our favorite foods, and we talk about what things we'd gather if we only had 5 minutes to gather them in a dreaded apocalypse situation.  

The Download Site Has Launched And It Features A Brand New Podcast! - The day of the Download Site launch has finally come!  All of LDD's downloads are in one convenient place, and all of our eBooks are once again for sale!  We're offering Grand Opening coupons on all LDD eBooks, too!  The new "Additional Punishments" podcast covers the corner time, bedroom time, and removing privileges punishments, so stop on by the new Download Site and check it out!  While you're there, you can download your copy of the new free podcast. :)

Saturday Stories: "Evolution of Maintenance Spankings" - I (Clint) take over the Saturday Stories column to talk about how maintenance spankings have evolved into something unexpected in our marriage, and how we're better off because of it.

  • Don't forget that voting for the LDD Retreat dates is happening now!  Stop by the LDD Retreat site to cast your vote(Voting ends on August 19th, 2013)
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  • We're now focusing our attention on finishing the DD Wives Club.  It has been a long time in the works and we're excited to git-r-done!
  • This past week, the Learning Domestic Discipline Forums hit a major milestone.  We officially hit 1,000 forum members in just 8 short months!  If you're not a member yet, we'd love to have you a part of them.  Join us by clicking here.
  Thank you for joining us on another great week at LDD!  We couldn't do any of this without your support, and it means so much to us.  We'll see you next week!



Nora said...


I have a question for either Clint or Chelsea (or both). You've sort of addressed this question previously, but it's something I'm still having trouble with. Clint has previously said that in terms of meeting a significant other, you think it's usually best to build a foundation first in a non-dd way and then introduce dd later on. On the other hand, I've gotten the advice from some other people that I should seek a man who demonstrates a dominant quality such as a tendency to take charge if I'm eventually interested in cultivated a dd relationship. I'm wondering if you agree with this advice? The problem is, when I've tried dating men who demonstrate this quality right away, I am usually turned off and a bit worried by what to me seems like a need to be in control. I don't want a man ordering me to do anything on a first date. That's disrespectful. Do you agree that I should seek these qualities of dominance early on, or should I be focusing on other characteristics like being a good listener which DOES turn me on (not that it's all about sex), and is central to dd, but might indicate a more submissive man. And just 1 other related question: I know this seems unfairly judgmental of me, but should I be concerned if a man brings up who expresses interest in dd very early on?

Clint said...

@Nora - You've asked some very good questions. I don't necessarily agree with seeking out a partner with overtly "dominant" characteristics, however I do think finding someone who displays great leadership and confidence is certainly a plus, particularly if you want DD to be a part of your relationship down the road. If a man is coming across as a bit bossy, or controlling, or rude, or condescending...I think those are red flags, particularly early on in the relationship (like the first date as you said, for instance).

There may be a bit of a fine line there, and it may be kind of blurry and tough to tell the difference in the beginning, but I think you'll know leadership and confidence when you see it in a man. If any of their actions are off-putting or make you uncomfortable in some way, it's probably a strong indicator of whats to come later in the relationship. Your initial gut feeling is usually the right one.

If other characteristics in a man turn you on (like a good listener, as you said) then yes, absolutely I would look for that quality. You deserve happiness, and if those qualities in a man make you happy, then I would certainly seek them out.

I wouldn't necessarily jump to a negative conclusion if a man brings up or expresses interest in DD early on. He may be just like you -- interested in it, and trying to see if you are as well. I will say, however, that it would be in your best interest to proceed with caution in this situation, as there may very well be ulterior motives behind his interest. If he brings it up early on, I would dig deeper into why he wants to live this way, and do your very best to determine what his true intentions behind his interest are.

That's my take on things. Keeping your guard up is a good thing, particularly when it comes to something like this. If something just probably is.

I hope this helps you out. I wish you luck in finding the right person for you. :)

-- Clint

Nora said...

Thanks, I really appreciate your comments. I think the take home message of what you said is to trust my instincts and do what feels right, and I think that is what I need to work on more than anything.

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