Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Recap: July 15th - 21st


  It was a very up and down week for Learning Domestic Discipline.  We've been dealing with some technical issues on the forthcoming LDD Download Site that have been very frustrating to say the least, however we're doing everything we can to work through them and launch as soon as possible.  We owe a big thank you to a very good friend of ours, Callie's husband (from the blog About Us) who offered us a helping hand all the way from Australia.  Thank you so much, H!  Your knowledge and expertise on the matter was, and is, very much appreciated.  We'll get the Download Site up and running soon!

Despite the technical troubles, we still had a great week here at LDD.  Let's recap the week that was, shall we?  Yes, we shall.


Mailbag Monday: Week 13 - We offer our thoughts on handling movement from the submissive partner during a spanking, preemptively punishing before a couple is scheduled to be apart from one another for an extended period of time, and whether or not we think posting an ad on Craigslist to spank outside of the relationship is a good idea in this week's round of Mailbag Monday questions.

  Due to the aforementioned technical difficulties, there was no Wednesday post this week.  The announcement of the LDD Downloads site was scheduled, however given the issues we've had with its forthcoming launch, we've had to postpone the post.  It'll go live as soon as the Download Site is all set to go!

Five Things Friday: Lightning Bolt Edition - I (Clint) took over my wife's Five Things series this week to talk about a close call on our vacation, an interview Chelsea recently did for a radio show, and a new album from the most personally influential band of my lifetime.

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  • It's mentioned in the Five Things post, but if you want a direct link to the radio interview Chelsea did, you can find it here.
That wraps up another week here at Learning Domestic Discipline!  See you next week!



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