Sunday, November 2, 2014

Monthly Recap: October 2014


October 2014 came and went, and there are now only two months left this year.  Can you believe that?!  It's hard to believe 2015 is less than 6o days away.  We hope you're having a wonderful fall season and we hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. :)

  October was a great month for LDD.  We opened the LDD Retreat registration and we launched the brand new (and improved) LDD Network!  Of course we sprinkled in a whole bunch of articles, too.  If you missed anything, we'll get you all caught up with the latest happenings here at Learning Domestic Discipline.

October 2-5 - Registration Opened for the LDD Retreat - We kicked off October by opening up registration for the 2015 LDD Retreat.  At this time all spots are currently full, however if you're interested in attending, we recommend you join the wait list.  You never know if a spot will open up!

October 6 - Mailbag Monday: Week 63 - We answer questions about lecturing, meeting others that live the domestic discipline lifestyle, and whether or not the HoH should wait to spank for an infraction in the 63rd edition of Mailbag Monday.

October 9 - Guest Post Column: Ellie {Week 3} - Ellie shares an issue that came up in her marriage that prompted her to spank her husband Shawn for the very first time, and the feelings she experienced doing so.

October 10 - Five Things Friday: The October Edition - Chelsea talks about some fall projects we're working on and our how our recent boot camp experience went.  She also shares a "spanko brunch" link that you should definitely check out.  

October 12 - {PERSONAL POST} Domestic Discipline Boot Camp 2.0 - It had been about 6 years since we did our first boot camp, and recently we took a couple of days to do a second one.  The second one was better than the first, and we tell you all about it in this post.

October 12 - We Could Really Use Your Help - This website is for you, and therefore we want your suggestions!  What do you want to see on LDD?  What changes/ideas do you have for us?  It's not too late to give us your feedback, and we want to hear from you!

October 13 - Mailbag Monday: Week 64 - In the 64th edition of Mailbag Monday, we answer questions about dealing with conflicting emotions, handling excessive movement during a spanking, and implementing DD into a relationship where both partners have abuse in their past.

October 15 - The Brand New Domestic Discipline Network is Here! - Finally, finally, FINALLY the new LDD Network is here!!  It took a while to launch, but we think you'll really enjoy all the new features.  We'd love to have you a part of it!

October 16 - Guest Post Column: Rachel {Week 3} - In Rachel's third post, she shares the answer her and her husband found that helped them keep domestic discipline a part of their marriage even when being apart from one another for most of the week.  

October 18 - Saturday Stories: "Mike and Diane's Experience w/Stress Relief Spankings" - Mike and Diane each give their personal perspectives on stress relief spankings, and they both share how beneficial these spankings have been for them and their marriage.

October 19 - {PERSONAL POST} Spanked Again, Boot Camp, Submission, & Other Random Thoughts - The title of the post says it all.  Chelsea talks about her recent spanking, our boot camp experience, and a new submission column coming soon the the LDD blog.

October 20 - Mailbag Monday: Week 65 - Coming clean about mistakes, creating rules to get started in the lifestyle, and how to talk to your HoH about DD related matters are the topics addressed in this trio of Mailbag Monday questions.

October 23 - Guest Post Column: Jill {Week 4} - In Jill's fourth and final post, she talks about how she was surprised spankings really do "wipe the slate clean" and help her and her husband move past issues that would have otherwise lingered without domestic discipline.

October 24 - Five Things Friday: The Halloween Edition - Chelsea mentions that LDD is getting a makeover, she shares a "Spank Or Treat" link, and she answers several fun Halloween related questions in The Halloween Edition of Five Things.

October 26 - {PERSONAL POST} My Marriage Is Not Equal - While it's politically correct to say a marriage is equal, is that really accurate?  Chelsea says no, and she tells you why she feels that way and why our marriage isn't equal in this post. 

October 27 - Mailbag Monday: Week 66 - We answer questions about broaching your HoH with tough DD topics, whether or not all spankings are punishment, and crying during/after spankings in week 66 of Mailbag Monday.

October 30 - An Important Message About the LDD Meetups - Unfortunately we had a situation arise at one of our meetups prompting us to temporarily postpone all meetup related activity.  We're actively working to correct the problem and we're confident we'll have the meetups back up and running very soon.

  Another month is in the books!  Thank you so much for stopping by and reading LDD from time to time.  It means a lot to us and we appreciate your support so much.  Onward we go to November!  See you then. :)

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