Sunday, April 21, 2013

Learning Domestic Discipline's Weekly Recap: April 15th - 21st


  It was another busy week at Learning Domestic Discipline!  We ended the week by launching something really exciting!  Did you miss the announcement?  If you did, or if you missed anything else this week, don't worry - we'll get you up to speed with the links below.  


Mailbag Monday: Week 3 - Questions about the initial "power shift" dynamic, practicing DD when apart, and how much time this site actually requires from us are answered in this week's Mailbag Monday.

Submission is a Sign of Strength - Former volleyball star Gabrielle Reece sparked some controversy after talking about how becoming a submissive wife saved her marriage in her new book.

Two New Domestic Discipline Products Available Through the Spring Promos!! - The LDD Spring Promos have launched!  We have a brand new eBook and a handy dandy boot camp workbook now available!  Come see what's new! (Promos end June 1st, 2013)

  • The LDD Retreat site is almost ready!  It's only a matter of days before its launch.  Stop on by later next week to check it out!
  • The May LDD Newsletter will be going out on May 3rd.  If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter yet, you can do so for free here.
  • Let us not forget the many men, women, and children that lost their lives, as well as the 300+ others that were injured in the Boston bombings and the Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion this past week.  It was a tragic week for the United States, and China as well (an earthquake claimed the lives of over 150 people).  Our hearts go out to all of those affected, and we'll continue to pray that the families find peace and comfort in this time of unbearable grief and heartache.  May God bless all of the victims and those close to them.
We hope you all have a safe, healthy, and happy upcoming week!


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