Thursday, February 14, 2013

Resources to Strengthen Your Domestic Discipline Relationship


For Valentine's Day, we outline a number of resources to help make your domestic discipline relationship as strong as it can possibly be.  You can read this article on our new website by clicking here.


Julie said...

My husband is just beginning the domestic discipline lifestyle. He is tired of my bad behavior like neglecting housework to play onmy phone. Like I am doing right now.... I hope he doesnt read this haha. I haven't been spanked yet and have been trying to be so good because I am so nervous. He has warned me he will if I break the rules he wrote. So I had better go do the dishes... I hope this lifestyle helps me become a better wife and mother. He is reading your beginner spanking article... Thanks Clint for your blog. Julie

Anonymous said...

is it unusual in the beginning to be in trouble almost every day? I feel i am a very strong willed and most the time defiant woman. I know this is the right life for us but at the same time giving up control has made me worse almost like the harder I try the worse I am doing . So
is it normal to be in this much trouble in the first few months?

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